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Music (B.A.)

Administered by: Department of Music

Effective: Fall 2014

Changing Requirements

The State Board of Education adopted changes that affect all of Pennsylvania's instructional and educational specialist programs by adding 9 credits or 270 hours or equivalent combination for adaptations and accommodations for diverse students in an inclusive setting and three credits or 90 hours or equivalent combination to meet the instructional needs of English Language Learners. Although these regulatory changes became effective on September 22, 2007, the PA Department of Education has not yet developed final requirements for colleges/universities to follow. Therefore, additional program requirements will be developed and incorporated into your certification program to comply with new regulations for certifying teachers that become effective on January 1, 2013.

As per PRP3604: All students earning a first baccalaureate degree will take at least 30 of their last 45 credits at Bloomsburg University, no more credits are required than the 30 credits. All first baccalaureate students will take at least 50% of credits required for the Major from a PASSHE university. Bloomsburg University may require up to a maximum of 50% of the Major credits. Program exceptions to the policy are to be approved by the Office of the Chancellor.

Music Education Certification, K-12, Track

In addition to 40 credits of general education requirements and the 42 credits of requirements of the major, students are required to take 47 credits of professional teacher courses to complete the 129-credit requirement for a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Students with a concentration in Music Education Certification K-12 will:

Assessment Criteria and Procedures:

The culmination of the Music Education Certification, K-12 track is one semester of student teaching experience. Because the certification is K-12, the student teaching experience will include both elementary and secondary assignments. The student will be evaluated by the cooperating teacher and the university supervisor.

Music majors are required to complete a checklist each semester with their advisor and keep it in their file. At graduation the advisor will sign that it is completed and forward it to the chair for signature. The student will give the chair the "Application for Graduation" by February 1 for May graduation, by March 1 for summer graduation and by October 1 for December graduation. The advisor and the student need to complete this before those dates.

All music majors are required to keep a portfolio and have it checked each semester by their advisor. All music majors have a recital attendance requirement and a sophomore and senior exam. Information is found in the music major policy packet.

(All Music courses must have a grade of C or better, C- does not count)

Music Theory

MUSIC.250 Diatonic Harmony

MUSIC.249 Aural Skills 1 (taken concurrently w/MUSIC.250)

MUSIC.260 Chromatic Harmony

MUSIC.259 Aural Skills 2 (taken concurrently w/MUSIC.260)

MUSIC.380 Advanced Harmony

MUSIC.379 Aural Skills 3 (taken concurrently w/MUSIC.380)

MUSIC.390 Modern Harmony

MUSIC.411 Orchestration

Music History

MUSIC.105 Music Literature

MUSIC.321 Music History - to 1750

MUSIC.322 Music History 1750 to present

MUSIC.102 World Music

Applied Instruction

Seven semesters (ten credits) of applied instruction on the same instrument. Before student teaching, during the seventh semester of applied study, in the senior year, Music Education majors must perform a half hour recital on the same instrument chosen for seven semesters of applied instruction.


Ten ensembles (five credits). Must be in at least one ensemble course each semester for 7 semesters prior to student teaching.

Piano Proficiency Courses (Must pass piano proficiency exam)

MUSIC.302 Keyboard Skills II

Other Music Courses

MUSIC.231 General Conducting

MUSIC.328 Choral Conducting and Methods


MUSIC.329 Instr Conducting & Methods

Recital Attendance

MUSIC.100 Seven semesters, Pass/Fail (zero credits)

Professional Teacher Education Courses (47 credits) – All courses must have a grade of C or better, C- does not count

MUSIC.118 Intro to Music Education

MUSIC.229 Music Ed Computing & Tech

MUSIC.305 Special Topics in Music Ed

MUSIC.305 Special Topics in Music Ed

MUSIC.331 Elementary Methods & Curr

MUSIC.319 Secondary Methods and Curr

PSYCH.211 Early Child Development OR PSYCH.212 Adolescent Development

MUSIC.495 Student Teaching I*

MUSIC.496 Student Teaching 2*

EDFOUND.311 Educ Measurements & Eval

SPECED.358 Meth of Instr for individ w/Disab

SPECED.275 Link Assess & Instr for Stud w/Disab

AUDSLP.415 English Lang Learn:Basic Lang&Comm OR AUDSLP.432 Comm/Ed ELLs

EDFOUND.406 Multicultural Education

MUSIC.203 Voice Methods

MUSIC.206 String Methods I

MUSIC.220 String Methods II

MUSIC.207 Brass Methods I

MUSIC.208 Brass Methods II

MUSIC.209 Percussion Methods

MUSIC.232 Woodwind Methods I

MUSIC.233 Woodwind Methods II

*One semester of 16 weeks, (12 credits), 7.5 hours daily, incorporating experience/instruction in vocal or instrumental settings, including elementary, middle, and secondary experience with the majority scheduled in the specialty track.

General Education Requirements (MusEd)

(Any courses marked with * must have a grade of C or better, C- doesn't count)

1. Communication 7 GEPs (3 disciplines)

ENGLISH.101 Foundations of College Writing*

MUSIC.321 Music History 1 *

COMMSTUD.103 Public Speaking*

2. Information Literacy 2 GEPs (1 discipline)

MUSIC.229 Music Education Comp and Technology

3. Analytical and Quantitative Skills 5 GEPs (2 disciplines)

MATH.___ Math Thinking 101 * or

Finite Math 111* or

Algebra 118* Applied Matrix or

Essentials of Calculus 123*

PSYCH.160 Applied Statistics for Behavioral Sciences*

4. Cultures and Diversity 5 GEPs (2 disciplines)

MUSIC.102 World Music*

SPECED.101 Intro to Exceptional Individual*

(Counted in Goal 10)

5. Natural Sciences 5 GEPs (2 disciplines)

6. Social Sciences 5 GEPs (2 disciplines)

PSYCH.101 General Psychology*

SOC.211 Principles of Sociology*

7. Arts and Humanities 5 GEPs (2 Disciplines)

MUSIC.105 Music Literature*

ENGLISH.__ Choice of British (246, 247)*

or American Literature (236, 237)*

8. Second Language 2 GEPs (one discipline)

Testing out is possible

9. Healthy Living 2 GEPs (one discipline)

10. Citizenship 2 GEPs (one discipline)

SPECED.101 Intro to Exceptional Individual*

Total GenEd Credits: May differ depending on student choices, minimum 40 credits. Must have the number of GEPs for each of 10 goals. Combined total of credits in gen. ed. must equal 40 to make 129 credits.

Total Minimum required Credits for graduation: 129