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Mathematics (B.A.) (Statistics)

Department of Mathematical and Digital Sciences

Effective Fall 2015

Mathematics B.A. Statistics Track - The Statistics track prepares students for a variety of careers in statistics in research, industry and government and provides a base for work at the graduate level. Students planning to continue with graduate studies should take MATH.225 and MATH.462. The track provides a foundation in mathematics as well as courses in statistical methodology, computer programming and statistical software.

Required courses:

MATH.141 Introduction to Statistics

MATH.125 Calculus I

MATH.126 Calculus II

MATH.185 Discrete Mathematics

MATH.240 Statistical Methods

MATH.241 Probability and Statistics

MATH.314 Linear Algebra

MATH.340 Statistical Software

MATH.342 Design and Analysis of Experiments

MATH.343 Applied Regression Analysis

MATH.410 Mathematical Modeling

Select one course from Mathematics numbered MATH.225 or above

Select one Computer Science Sequence:

Option A1) COMPSCI.121 Object-Oriented Programming with Java

Option A2) COMPSCI.122 Graphical User Interfaces in Java or other 300 or higher COMPSCI course (3 to 4 credits)

Option B1) COMPSCI.123 Visual Basic I

Option B2) COMPSCI.223 Visual Basic II

Recommended choices for electives:

MATH.225 Calculus III

MATH.243 Nonparametric Statistics

MATH.373 Numerical Methods

MATH.374 Introduction to Discrete Systems Simulation

MATH.441 Mathematics and Sports

MATH.461 Probability Models and Applications

MATH.462 Mathematical Statistics

MATH.491 Special Topics in Mathematics

Six credits minimum in a discipline to which Statistics is applied. Consult Advisor; may be applied to Gen Ed distribution requirement. (Biology, Economics, Geology, Geography and Psychology)