Bloomsburg University Academic Programs
Academic Catalog

Computer Science (B.S.)

Department of Mathematical and Digital Sciences

Effective Fall 2015

A total of 120 credits are needed for a Bachelor of Science degree.

Required CS courses for the major (41 credits)

COMPSCI.121 Object-Oriented Programming with Java

COMPSCI.122 Graphical User Interfaces in Java

COMPSCI.221 Advanced Java

COMPSCI.240 C and Assembly Language Programming

COMPSCI.255 Data Structures using C++

COMPSCI.330 Computer Organization

COMPSCI.350 Organizational of Programming Languages

COMPSCI.355 Analysis of Algorithms and Data Structures

COMPSCI.357 Principles of Database Design

COMPSCI.360 Computer Ethics, Social Impact and Security

COMPSCI.386 Operating Systems

COMPSCI.480 Object-Oriented Software Engineering

CS electives (9 credits, at most 3 from internship)

COMPSCI.323 Artificial Intelligence

COMPSCI.345 Mobile Device Application Development

COMPSCI.348 Data Mining

COMPSCI.356 Windows Programming

COMPSCI.375 Local Area Networks

COMPSCI.410 Computer Graphics

COMPSCI.430 Computer Architecture

COMPSCI.456 Theory of Computation

COMPSCI.457 Database Design II

COMPSCI.461 Internet Programming

COMPSCI.491 Special Topics in Computer Science

COMPSCI.497 Internship in Computer Science