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Technical Leadership (B.A.S.)

Administered by the Department of Instructional Technology

Effective Fall 2012

A total of 120 credits are needed for a Bachelor of Applied Science degree. Students entering the program with an A.A.S. degree may transfer up to 60 credits.

Core Courses

INSTTECH.465 Leading Co-located and Virtual Teams (3)

ACCT.220 Financial Accounting (3)

ITM.322 Project Management (3)

BUSED.350 Valuing Diversity in Business (3)

INSTTECH.466 Technical Leadership Capstone I (3)

INSTTECH.467 Technical Leadership Capstone II (3)

INSTTECH.490 Technical Leadership Internship (6)

Related Major Courses

BUSED.333 Business Communication and Report Writing (3)

INSTTECH.450 Instructional Design (3)

INSTTECH.470 Introduction to Website Development (3)

INSTTECH.485 eLearning Concepts (3)

ITM.321 Information Technology Management (3)

ITM.407 Human and Technology Interaction Management (3)

Supporting General Education Courses

COMMSTUD.106 Small Group Communications (3)

COMMSTUD.220 Intercultural Communication (3)

COMMSTUD.313 Conflict Management and Resolution (3)

EXERSCI.230 Training and Fitness (1)

EXERSCI.270 Exercise and You (2)

MATH.141 Introduction to Statistics (3)

Second Language General Education Elective (3)