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Professional Geology (B.S.)

Administered by Department of Environmental, Geographical, and Geological Sciences

Effective Spring 2014

Core Requirements (10 credits):

EGGS.100 Environmental Science

EGGS.120 Physical Geology

EGGS.242 Map Use and Analysis

Science Requirements (22 credits):

CHEM.115 Chemistry for Sciences I

CHEM.116 Chemistry for Sciences II

PHYSICS.201 Introductory Physics I

PHYSICS.202 Introductory Physics II

Choose 2 of the following three courses:

EGGS.150 Quantitative Methods in Earth Science

MATH.123 Essentials of Calculus

MATH.141 Introduction to Statistics

Requirements (31 credits):

EGGS.130 Historical Geology

EGGS.261 Mineralogy

EGGS.262 Petrology

EGGS.265 Geomorphology

EGGS.360 Principles of GIS I

EGGS.368 Stratigraphy and Sedimentation

EGGS.369 Structural Geology

EGGS.451 Field Techniques

Electives (Choose Two, 6+ credits):

*EGGS.320 Remote Sensing

EGGS.330 Special Topics in Field Geology

EGGS.365 Paleontology

EGGS.390 Special Topics

EGGS.420 Planetary Science

EGGS.460 Aqueous Geochemistry

EGGS.470 Groundwater Hydrology

EGGS.480 Applied Geophysics

*Cannot use if also getting GIS minor

Bold is the CAPSTONE course.