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Environmental Geoscience (B.S.)

Administered by Department of Environmental, Geographical, and Geological Sciences

Effective Spring 2014

Core Requirements (10 credits):

EGGS.100 Environmental Science

EGGS.120 Physical Geology

EGGS.242 Map Use and Analysis

Science Requirements (19 credits):

CHEM.115 Chemistry for Sciences I

CHEM.116 Chemistry for Sciences II

BIOLOGY.114 Concepts in Biology I

BIOLOGY.115 Concepts in Biology II

Choose 1 of the following three courses:

EGGS.150 Quantitative Methods in Earth Science

MATH.123 Essentials of Calculus

MATH.141 Introduction to Statistics

Requirements (33 credits):

EGGS.105 Environmental Issues and Choices

EGGS.255 Meteorology

EGGS.259 Oceanography

EGGS.260 Earth Materials

EGGS.265 Geomorphology

EGGS.301 Water Resources Management

EGGS.303 Soils Resources Management

EGGS.360 Principles of GIS I

EGGS.370 Surface Hydrology

EGGS.495 Senior Seminar

Electives (Choose Two, 6+ credits):

EGGS.304 Environmental Valuation

EGGS.330 Special Topics in Field Geology

EGGS.358 Environmental Conservation

EGGS.390 Special Topics

EGGS.460 Aqueous Geochemistry

EGGS.470 Groundwater Hydrology or Approved Marine Science Courses

EGGS.496 Internship in Environmental, Geographical & Geological Sciences

Bold is the CAPSTONE course.