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Medical Imaging (B.S)

Administered by Biological and Allied Health Sciences

Effective Fall, 2014

There are a number of different options in the medical imaging degree program and variability in specific course requirements. Students should work closely with their advisor to organize an efficient plan of study. In all options the 120-hour requirement for a bachelor's degree must be met.

Standard (2+2) Option. The following courses are required in addition to, or as part of, the general education requirements:

Major core courses

BIOLOGY.114 Concepts in Biology I or equivalent

BIOLOGY.173 Anatomy and Physiology I

BIOLOGY.174 Anatomy and Physiology II

BIOLOGY.208 Medical Terminology

COMMSTUD.103 Public Speaking or COMMSTUD.104 Interpersonal Communication

COMPSCI.110 Introduction to Computer Science or ITM.175 Information Technology Management Applications or CHEM.101 Introduction to Chemistry

MATH.116 College Algebra for Health Sciences

PHYSICS.107 Applied Physics for Health Sciences or PHYSICS.201 Intro Physics I

PSYCH.101 General Psychology

GENTRANS.300 Clinical Experience in Medical Imaging

Completion of two years of clinical experience in an accredited hospital-based program is required for the standard option. A maximum of 60 clinical credits will count towards the bachelor’s degree.

Short Clinical (3+1) Option:

Students who select clinical programs that are shorter than two years are required to take the courses listed for the standard option outlined above and also complete 15 cr hrs from one of the two emphasis areas.

GENTRANS.300 Clinical Experience in Medical Imaging. The number of credits awarded varies depending on the length of the clinical experience. Completion of at least one year (30 cr hrs) in an accredited hospital-based program is required.

Management Emphasis

ACCT.220 Financial Accounting

ACCT.498 Special Topics: Intro to Health Care

BUSED.101 Introduction to Business

MGMT.244 Principles of Management

MGMT.345 Human Resource Management

Science Emphasis (select 15 cr hrs)

BIOLOGY.100 Cells, Genes and Molecules

BIOLOGY.205 Introduction to Nutrition

BIOLOGY.231 Biology of Aging

BIOLOGY.233 Human Genetics

BIOLOGY.240 Introductory Microbiology

BIOLOGY.254 Social Implications of Biology

BIOLOGY.411 Radiation Biology

BIOLOGY.490 Internship in Biology or NATSCI.498 Internship in Natural Science

CHEM.101 Introductory Chemistry (If not taken to meet requirements above)

CHEM.108 Physiological Chemistry

MATH.141 Introduction to Statistics