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Audiology and Speech Pathology (B.S.)

Administered by Audiology and Speech Pathology

Effective Spring 2011

In addition to 53 semester hours of general education requirements, a total of 51 semester hours is required for a major in speech pathology and audiology and with the addition of elective courses; the university degree requirement of 120 hours is met. Students should work with their adviser on course selection.

The following courses in speech pathology and audiology are required:

AUDSLP.152 Introduction Communication Disorders

AUDSLP.200 Introduction to Audiology

AUDSLP.220 Phonetics

AUDSLP.240 Normal Language Acquisition

AUDSLP.260 Clinical Observation

AUDSLP.325 Language Disorders in Children

AUDSLP.335 Acquired Disorders of Communication and Swallowing

AUDSLP.340 Cognitive/Behavioral Principles in Speech Language Pathology

AUDSLP.355 Assessment and Remediation of Speech

AUDSLP.400 Auditory Training and Speech Reading

AUDSLP.410 Applied Speech Science

AUDSLP.430 Fundamentals of Audiology

AUDSLP.460 Psycholinguistics

BIOLOGY.366 Anatomy and Physiology: Head, Neck and Thorax

COMPSCI.110 Introduction to Computer Science

PSYCH.160 Basic Statistics

PHYSICS.106 Science of Sound

SPECED.101 Introduction to the Exceptional Individual