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Languages and Cultures (BA) - Chinese Track Program

Administered by Department of Languages and Cultures

Effective Summer 2013

A total of 33 semester hours is required for a major in Chinese, including 15 credits earned during one semester of study at the Institute of Chinese as Second Language at Peking University or an equivalent program approved by the Department. Students must receive a minimum grade of C in every course required for the major.

Required courses for the major include:

LANGCULT.200 Comparative Cultural Studies

LANGCULT.400 Comparative Language Studies

Chinese Track Course Requirements (27 credits):

CHINESE.101 Chinese I (3 credits)

CHINESE.102 Chinese II (3 credits)

CHINESE.203 Chinese III (3 credits)

CHINESE.204 Chinese IV (3 credits)

CHINESE.490 Comprehensive Chinese (Study Abroad Transfer, 6 credits)

CHINESE.491 Conversational Chinese (Study Abroad Transfer, 6 credits)

CHINESE.492 Chinese Listening (Study Abroad Transfer, 3 credits)

Study Abroad Requirement:

Study abroad for at least one semester is required for completing the Chinese Track. Summer study abroad credits may be transferred under 100 and 200 level courses only. Departmental approval is required. A ā€œCā€ or better in course grade is required for transfer.