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English – Creative Writing

Administered by Department of English, College of Liberal Arts

Effective Spring 2009

A total of 39 semester hours is required for a major in English. No course may be used to satisfy more than one requirement. With the addition of general education requirements and elective courses of at least 32 semester hours, the 120-hour requirement for a baccalaureate degree is satisfied.

For an English course to count toward the fulfillment of requirements in the English major, the minimum grade is a C-.

Specific requirements within general education for all tracks are:

Communication courses

ENGLISH.101 Foundations of College Writing

ENGLISH.203 Approaches to Literary Study

Humanities area course

ENGLISH.226 European Literature I

Creative Writing Track

ENGLISH.204 Introduction to Creative Writing

ENGLISH.236 American Literature I or ENGLISH.237 American Literature II

ENGLISH.246 British Literature I or ENGLISH.247 British Literature II

ENGLISH.256 Non-Western Literature I or ENGLISH.257 Non-Western Literature II

ENGLISH.306 Theory and Practice of Writing

ENGLISH.404 Creative Writing Seminar

One of the following linguistics courses:

ENGLISH.311 Structure of English

ENGLISH.312 History of the English Language

ENGLISH.411 Modern Linguistic Theory

ENGLISH.413 Language in American Society

Three from the following writing electives

ENGLISH.300 Writing Children's Literature

ENGLISH.301 Creative Writing: Fiction

ENGLISH.302 Creative Writing: Non-Fiction

ENGLISH.303 Creative Writing: Poetry

THEATRE.340 Scriptwriting

Three elective courses; two must be 300/400 literature, remaining one may be any English course