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Economics (B.A.) - Economics Track

Administered by Department of Economics

Effective Fall 2008

In addition to 50 credit hours of general education requirements and 31 credits in free electives, 15 credit hours of economics core courses and 21 credit hours of economics electives and 3 credit hours of either ECONOMIC.156 Business and Economics Mathematics or MATH.123 Essentials of Calculus or MATH.125 Calculus I are required to meet the University's 120-credit hour requirement for a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Economics Core Courses

ECONOMIC.121 Principles of Economics I

ECONOMIC.122 Principles of Economics II

ECONOMIC.221 Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory

ECONOMIC.222 Intermediate Micro-Theory and Managerial Economics

ECONOMIC.256 Business and Economics Statistics I

Economics Electives

A total of 21 credit hours are required, including the following:

ECONOMIC.356 Business and Economic Statistics II or

ECONOMIC.456 Introduction to Econometrics