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Administered by Department of Anthropology

Effective Spring 2015



Students should schedule these courses in their first year:

ANTHRO.200 Principles of Cultural Anthropology

ANTHRO.210 Prehistoric Archaeology

ANTHRO.220 Human Origins

Students should schedule this course as soon as possible once declaring the major:

ANTHRO.230 Foundations of Professional Anthropology

Students should schedule this course in their junior year:

ANTHRO.470 History of Anthropological Thought and Theory

Required discipline distribution courses - (9 credits):

Students are required to take one course in EACH of the three subdisciplines:

240 Native N Americans 221 Forensic Anthropology102 World Problems
300 Methods & Theory250 Neanderthals240 Native North Americans
301 Field Archaeology290 Race & Racism 290 Race & Racism
310 Aztecs & Mayans 350 Medical Anthropology320 Contemporary World Culture
311 NE Amer Archaeology380 Men & Women 350 Medical Anthropology
312 South Amer Archaeology405 Primates380 Men & Women
380 Men & Women 466 Independent Study*390 Socialization of the Child
466 Independent Study* 495 Special Topics*466 Independent Study*
495 Special Topics* 475 Field Methods Cult
480 Religion & Magic
495 Special Topics*
* depending upon topic

ELECTIVES - (12 credits) - a minimum of 3 additional courses. Students can choose their selections, based upon their interests and in consultation with their advisors, from all courses offered in the program.

ANTHRO.102 Anthro & World Problems

ANTHRO.221 Forensic Anthropology

ANTHRO.240 Native North America

ANTHRO.290 Race & Racism

ANTHRO.300 Arch Theory & Methods

ANTHRO.301 Field Archaeology

ANTHRO.310 Aztecs & Mayans

ANTHRO.311 Archy of the NE

ANTHRO.312 South American Arch.

ANTHRO.320 Contemp World Culture

ANTHRO.333 Ethnic Identity

ANTHRO.350 Medical Anthro

ANTHRO.380 Men & Women

ANTHRO.385 Anthro Research & Writing (with permission of instructor)

ANTHRO.390 Socialization of the Child

ANTHRO.405 Primates

ANTHRO.460 Applied Anthropology

ANTHRO.475 Field Methods in Cultural Anthro

ANTHRO.480 Religion & Magic

ANTHRO.495 Special Topics

ANTHRO.497 Internship

Highly recommended: course(s) in statistics, foreign language proficiency, internship and/or methods courses