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Minor in Digital Forensics

Administered by Department of Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics

Effective Fall 2012

Digital Forensics is the acquisition of digital evidence in a legally sound way. The minor is designed to be flexible and to appeal to students with many different majors. The minor consists of the first three digital forensics courses along with the three courses that may be taken in either digital forensics or in forensics related courses in other disciplines, currently accounting, anthoropolgy, chemistry, computer science, political science and criminal justice.

Required courses:

DIGFOR.117 Introduction to Digital Forensics

DIGFOR.217 File Systems 1

DIGFOR.218 File Systems 2

Plus any* 9 credits from the following:

ACCT.326 Introduction to Fraud Examination

ACCT.426 Advanced Fraud Examination

ANTHRO.221 Forensic Anthropology

CHEM.105 Introduction to Forensic Science

COMPSCI.121 Object Oriented Programming with Java

COMPSCI.122 Graphical User Interfaces in Java

COMPSCI.123 Visual Basic I

COMPSCI.223 Visual Basic II

COMPSCI.348 Data Mining

COMPSCI.357 Database Design

COMPSCI.476 Introduction to Computer Networks

CRIMJUST.300 Juvenile Delinquency

CRIMJUST.310 Penology

CRIMJUST.320 Victimology

CRIMJUST.330 White Collar Crime

CRIMJUST.430 Special Topics

DIGFOR.317 Digital Forensics Software

DIGFOR.417 Advanced Topics in Digital Forensics

POLISCI.446 Constitutional Law

POLISCI.448 Judicial Process

* A course in the major cannot be counted both for the major and this minor.

Some of these courses have prerequisites.