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Minor in Statistics

Administered by Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics

Effective Fall, 2010

To satisfy the minor requirements, students must complete 18 semester hours (six courses), distributed in the following manner.

1. One introductory statistics course. Examples include

MATH.141 Introduction to Statistics

MATH.241 Probability and Statistics

SOC.260 Basic Social Statistics

PSYCH.160 Applied Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences

ECONOMIC.256 Business and Economics Statistics

CRIMJUST.210 Criminal Justice Statistics

Other introductory courses may be acceptable with the approval of the Department of Mathematics, Computer Science,and Statistics.

2. Five courses from the list below.

MATH.240 Statistical Methods

MATH.243 Non-parametric Statistics

MATH.340 Statistical Software

MATH.342 Design and Analysis of Experiments

MATH.343 Applied Regression Analysis

MATH.441 Mathematics and Sports

MATH.446 Biostatistics

MATH.461 Probability Models and Applications

MATH.462 Introduction to Mathematical Statistics

At most one course related to statistics from outside the Department of Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics. Examples include:

ECONOMIC.456 Introduction to Econometrics

ECONOMIC.356 Business and Economics Statistics II

PSYCH.464 Advanced Experimental Design

BIOLOGY.332 Genetics

BIOLOGY.351 Ecology

NURSING.306 Introduction to Nursing Research

SOC.466 Advanced Social Research

Other advanced courses outside the department may be acceptable with the approval of the Department of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Statistics.