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Minor in Entrepreneurship (MGMT)

Administered by Management

Effective Fall, 2008

This program is currently in moratorium and is not accepting new enrollment.

Students of any major both within and outside the College of Business are provided a broad exposure to the operation of small businesses, as well as the non-profit, private and human services organizations. The minor is designed to prepare students with knowledge and skills necessary to set up and operate small businesses and enable them to apply for jobs requiring supervisory and management skills.

General Education - As part of general education, students are required to take the following courses:

ECONOMIC.121 Principles of Economics I

ECONOMIC.122 Principles of Economics II

Minor in Entrepreneurship - The minor consists of 24 semester hours.

The following courses are required:

ACCT.120 Small Business Accounting

FINANCE.300 Entrepreneurial Finance (or equivalent)

LAW.331 Introduction to Law and Legal Environment

MGMT.244 Principles of Management

MGMT.391 Small Business Management

MGMT.400 Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital

MGMT.440 Small Business Institute Seminar

MKTG.310 Principles of Marketing