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Career Concentration in Personal Financial Planning

Administered by the Departments of Finance and Legal Studies

Effective: Fall 2011

The Career Concentration in Personal Financial Planning is open to all university majors and available as a concentration within the Finance major for finance majors. It is intended to help prepare students for the post-graduate Certified Financial Planner certification, and to pursue careers in this important, dynamic and growing field. The concentration has three courses and alternative prerequisites depending on the student's major field, as noted below. By completing the concentration students will be in a position to help others plan to achieve financial independence and security; develop a personalized financial plan; and be prepared for careers in financial planning, the insurance industry, banking, retirement planning, corporate personnel benefits, investment planning, and for careers as consumer affairs professionals in business and government agencies. Completion of the concentration will lead students to be eligible to take the Certified Financial Planner Certification Examination.


Students in Finance majors and other non-Finance business majors will be strongly advised to complete FINANCE.313 Introduction to Corporate Finance prior to taking courses in the Concentration. Students in other nonbusiness majors will be advised to take the following courses as prerequisites for the three courses in the Concentration (CCPFP):

ECONOMIC.121 Economics I; ECONOMIC.156 B & E Math or MATH.123 Essentials of Calculus; ECONOMIC.256 B&E Stats (or a comparable statistics course if required by the students non-business major); and ACCT.220 Financial



FINANCE.313 Introduction to Corporate Finance.

Required Courses in the Concentration

FINANCE.401* Personal Financial Planning 3 credits

FINANCE.403 Retirement and Estate Planning 3 credits

FINANCE.404 Risk Management and Insurance Planning 3 credits

Total: 9 credits

FINANCE.401* is a recommended pre-requisite for FINANCE.403 and FINANCE.404 for students in the Career Concentration in Personal Financial Planning.