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Specific Requirements - Quantitative/Analytical Reasoning

Quantitative/Analytical Reasoning (Goal Two) Three Credits

Three credits from the approved list of quantitative/analytical reasoning courses.

COMPSCI.110 Introduction to Computer Science

CRIMJUST.210 Criminal Justice Statistics

ECONOMIC.156 Business and Economics Math 1

ECONOMIC.256 Business and Economics Stat 1

HONORS.303 Honors Seminar on Research

ITM.175 Information and Technology Management Applications

MATH.101 Math Thinking

MATH.109 College Algebra

MATH.111 Finite Mathematics

MATH.118 Applied Matrix Algebra

MATH.123 Essentials Calculus

MATH.125 Calculus 1

MATH.141 Introduction to Statistics

MATH.202 Geometry and Statistics for Elementary Ed. Majors

MATH.241 Probability and Statistics

PSYCH.160 Basic Statistics

SOC.260 Basic Social Statistics