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Specific Requirements - Fitness and Recreation Skills

Fitness and Recreation Skills (Goal Four) Two Credits -

Two credits from the approved list of fitness and lifelong recreation skill courses.

Two credits of AEROSTUD - Aerospace Studies and ARMY - Army Military Science may apply toward this requirement.

EXERSCI.100 Basic Training

EXERSCI.112 Varsity Athletics

EXERSCI.113 Varsity Athletics II

EXERSCI.114 Team Sports

EXERSCI.115 Racquet Sports

EXERSCI.116 Individual Sports

EXERSCI.117 Beginning Jazz/Ballet

EXERSCI.149 Aquatics - Begin Non-Swim

EXERSCI.150 Beginning Aquatics

EXERSCI.155 Swimnastics

EXERSCI.217 Bicycling

EXERSCI.220 Folk Dancing

EXERSCI.224 Fitness Dance EXERSCI.291 Hiking, Backpacking & Orienteering (2 credits only)
EXERSCI.226 Jogging / WalkingEXERSCI.309 Decisions for Healthy Behavior (1 credit only)
EXERSCI.228 GymnasticsEXERSCI.311 Methods, Materials in Elem School Physical (1 credit only)
EXERSCI.230 Weight Training and Fitness EXERSCI.321 First Aid and Safety (1 credit only)
EXERSCI.231 ArcheryEXERSCI.333 School Camping and Outdoor Ed (1 credit only)
EXERSCI.235 RifleryEXERSCI.397 Adult Health Dev Program (1 credit only)
EXERSCI.240 Fitness-SlimnasticsDANCE.221 Intermediate Ballet Dance II (1 credit only)
EXERSCI.241 Combative Sports (2 credits)DANCE.222 Modern Dance I/II (1 credit only)
EXERSCI.243 Backpacking DANCE.223 Intermediate Jazz Dance II (1 credit only)
EXERSCI.244 Orienteering DANCE.228 Ensemble (1 credit only)
EXERSCI.247 Basic Rock ClimbingDANCE.229 Repertory (1 credit only)
EXERSCI.250 LifeguardingDANCE.290 Special Topics: Dance (1 credit only)
EXERSCI.270 Exercise and YouBIOLOGY.205 Intro to Nutrition (1 credit only)
EXERSCI.278 Yoga