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Specific Requirements - Communication

Communication (Goal One) Nine Credits

Specific Requirements - Communication

Two courses (six credits) consisting of Composition 1 (ENGLISH.101) and one of the University approved second level writing or writing-intensive literature courses.

ENGLISH.101 Composition 1 and one of the following:

INTSTUDY.231 Technical Writing

ENGLISH.201 Composition 2

ENGLISH.203 Approaches to Literary Study

ENGLISH.205 Honors Composition

MASSCOMM.230 Newswriting

ARTHSTRY.460 Research Writing in Art History

or a Writing-Intensive Literature course:

BIOLOGY.290 Writing in Biology

BUSED.333 Business Communications and Report Writing

ENGLISH.151 Introduction to Literature

ENGLISH.152 Literature and Society

ENGLISH.156 Popular Literature

ENGLISH.221 Bible as Literature

ENGLISH.226 European Literature 1

ENGLISH.227 European Literature 2

ENGLISH.236 American Literature 1ENGLISH.281 U.S. Latino Literature
ENGLISH.237 American Literature 2ENGLISH.283 Jewish Fiction
ENGLISH.246 British Literature 1HISTORY.398 Research and Writing Skills
ENGLISH.247 British Literature 2NURSING.210 Professional Nursing
ENGLISH.256 Non-Western Literature 1POLISCI.300 Political Science Research
ENGLISH.257 Non-Western Literature 2

Note: Any writing intensive course taken before ENGLISH.101 Composition I is completed may not be used as a substitute for ENGLISH.201 Composition II. The remaining three credits in Communication are to be selected from these courses.

One additional course (three credits) from the approved list of communication courses.

ARABIC.101 Arabic 1 GERMAN.100 Foundations of German Lit and Culture
ARABIC.102 Arabic 2GERMAN.101 German 1
ARABIC.203 Arabic 3GERMAN.102 German 2
ARABIC.204 Arabic 4GERMAN.203 German 3
AUDSLP.415 Basics of Language and CommunicationGERMAN.204 German 4
AUDSLP.432 ELL: Comm/Education strategies for ELLsITALIAN.101 Italian 1
BUSED.333 Business Communications and Report WritingITALIAN.102 Italian 2
CHINESE.101 Chinese 1 LATIN.101 Latin 1
CHINESE.102 Chinese 2 LATIN.102 Latin 2
CHINESE.203 Chinese 3PROFSTUD.494 ELL Strategies and Methods
CHINESE.204 Chinese 4SPANISH.100 Foundations of Spanish Lit and Culture
COMSTUD.103 Public SpeakingSPANISH.101 Spanish 1
COMSTUD.104 Interpersonal Speech CommunicationSPANISH.102 Spanish 2
DEAFHH.153 Introduction to Sign LanguageSPANISH.203 Spanish 3
ENGLISH.112 Practical Grammar SPANISH.204 Spanish 4
ENGLISH.204 Introduction to Creative WritingRUSSIAN.101 Russian 1
FRENCH.100 Foundations of French Lit and Culture RUSSIAN.102 Russian 2
FRENCH.101 French 1 RUSSIAN.103 Russian 3
FRENCH.102 French 2RUSSIAN.104 Russian 4
FRENCH.203 French 3
FRENCH.204 French 4
FRENCH.205 Applied Phonetics and Pronunciation