Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

American Sign Language/English Interpreting (BS)

The following course sequence sheet is for illustrative purposes only and should not be construed as formal academic advisement. Course selections and sequence may vary depending on course availability and counsel from your academic adviser. You should consult an academic adviser before developing an actual academic plan.

Cr.First SemesterCr.Second Semester
374.153 Introduction to Sign Language375.155 American Sign Language I
375.235 Introduction to Interpreting or 75.265 Pre-Interpreting Skills 320.201 Comp II
375.330 The Deaf Culture (even years)350.100 Cells, Genes and Molecules
325.103 Public Speaking331.101 Intro to Art
320.101 Comp I348.131 General Psychology
15Total Semester Credits15Total Semester Credits
Cr.Third SemesterCr.Fourth Semester
375.226 American Sign Language II375.257 American Sign Language III
374.201 History, Ed & Guidance of Deaf340.121 Principles of Economics I
375.225 Linguistics of ASL (odd years)353.101 Math Thinking
375.235 Introduction to Interpreting or 75.265 Pre-Interpreting Skills305.321 First Aid and Safety
3 ______ __________________________3 ______ __________________________
12Total Semester Credits15Total Semester Credits
Cr.Fifth SemesterCr.Sixth Semester
375.327 American Sign Language IV375.358 American Sign Language V
375.335 Translation375.365 Consecutive Interpreting
328.297 Ethics341.105 Evironmental Issues and Choices
344.101 Elements of Political Science344.120 US Government
351.107 Natural Disasters325.104 Interpersonal Communications
15Total Semester Credits15Total Semester Credits
Cr.Seventh SemesterCr.Eighth Semester
375.420 Simultaneous Interpreting375.450 Transliteration
353.109 College Algebra375.460 Practicum Seminar
312.101 Spanish I370.101 Intro to Exceptional Individuals
390.101 Intro to Business325.220 Intercultural Communication
320.152 Literature and Society
15Total Semester Credits12Total Semester Credits
3-6 75.480 Practicum  
 Total Credits120