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Health Physics (B.S.) (Fall 2008)

Department of Physics and Engineering Technology, College of Science and Technology

Effective Fall 2008

The bachelor of science program in health physics requires 68 semester hours, 15 of which count toward general education requirements. Thus in addition to program requirements, students must complete 35 to 44 semester of hours of general education requirements. A total of 120 hours of study is required for a bachelor's degree. Required courses:

54.211 General Physics I

54.212 General Physics II

54.310 Modern Atomic Physics

54.315 Electronics

54.320 Nuclear Radiation I

54.330 Radiation Physics

54.360 Health Physics

54.420 Nuclear Radiation II

54.460 Applied Health Physics

54.488 Internship in Health Physics

53.125 Calculus I

53.126 Calculus II

53.225 Calculus III

53.241 Probability and Statistics

53.322 Differential Equations

56.116 Algorithmic Processes for Computers

52.115 Chemistry for the Sciences I

52.116 Chemistry for the Sciences II

50.114 Concepts in Biology I

50.115 Concepts in Biology II

50.411 Radiation Biology