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Mathematics (B.A.)

Administered by: Department of Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics

Effective Fall 2008

Advisement should be considered before selecting general education courses in this major. In addition to general education credits and electives to meet the university's

120-credit requirement for a bachelor's degree, the following courses are required:

Core Courses (all majors)

53.125 Calculus I

53.126 Calculus II

53.185 Discrete Mathematics

53.225 Calculus III

53.226 Calculus IV

53.241 Probability and Statistics

53.310 Introduction to Abstract Algebra or 53.421 Advanced Calculus

53.314 Linear Algebra

53.410 Mathematical Modeling

Select one Computer Science Sequence:

Option A1) 56.121 Object-Oriented Programming with Java

Option A2) 56.122 Graphical User Interfaces in Java or other 300 or higher 56 course (3 to 4 credits)

Option B1) 56.123 Visual Basic I

Option B2) 56.223 Visual Basic II

Mathematics Electives

(6 credits 53.300 or above; including at least 1 course from the following list):

53.322 Differential Equations

53.331 Modern Geometry

53.360 Number Theory

53.421 Advanced Calculus

53.422 Complex Variables

In addition, at least 6 semester hours in a discipline to which mathematics is traditionally applied (as approved by the adviser). Courses 53.311 and 53.305 may not be counted as requirements for the major.