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Geoscience - Planetary Science (B.S.) (Fall 2008)

Administered by Department of Geography and Geosciences

Effective Fall 2008

The Planetary Science Option requires 35 semester hours of Geoscience courses and 22 semester hours of supporting math and science courses, of which 15 semester hours count towards general education requirements. The balance of the university's 120-credit requirement for a bachelor's degree come from elective courses.

Required courses:

51.106 The Planets

51.120 Physical Geology

51.121 Physical Geology Lab (take concurrently with 51.120)

51.130 Historical Geology

51.131 Historical Geology Lab (take concurrently with 51.130)

51.255 Meteorology

51.259 Oceanography

51.265 Geomorphology

51.320 Remote Sensing of the Earth

51.420 Planetary Science

51.493 Senior Research in Geosciences

Choose one of the following:

51.260 Earth Materials

51.262 Petrology

Required Mathematics:

53.141 Statistics

53.123 Essentials of Calculus


53.125 Calculus I

Required Chemistry:

51.115 Chemistry for Sciences I

51.116 Chemistry for Sciences II

Required Physics:

54.111 Introductory Physics I

54.112 Introductory Physics II


51.211 General Physics I

51.212 General Physics II