Bloomsburg University Academic Programs
Academic Catalog

Elementary Education and Special Education (Dual Certification) (Fall 2008)

Administered by Exceptionality Programs

Effective Fall 2008

General Education Requirements - The university requires a minimum of 50 hours of general education requirements, some of which are specifically required for this major. Core courses designated by the department as applicable to the general education requirements may be elected in partial fulfillment of that requirement. The following general education courses are required:

20.101 Composition I and 20.201 Composition II (or any of the writing intensive literature courses)

25.103 Public Speaking or 25.104 Interpersonal Communication

48.101 General Psychology

48.210 Life-Span Psychology

45.211 Principles of Sociology or 46.200 Principles of Cultural Anthropology

70.101 Introduction to Exceptional Individuals

53.141 Introduction to Statistics or 48.160 Basic Statistics

Any American history course

A literature course (American, British or European Literature)

50.100 Cells, Genes and Molecules

54.103 Physical Science

53.201 Mathematics for Elementary Teachers I

05.321 First Aid and Safety

Requirements for the Major - A total of 77 semester hours is required for dual certification in elementary education and special education. Fall semester incoming freshmen are required to enroll in the Department of Exceptionality Programs' University Seminar course (1cr.).

Professional Education courses include:

60.251 Psychological Foundations of Education or 48.251 Psychological Foundations of Education

60.393 Social Foundations of Education or 60.406 Multicultural Education

62.302 Teaching of Science in the Elementary School

62.390 Teaching Social Studies in the Elementary School

62.371 Teaching Reading in the Elementary School

62.398 Teaching Mathematics in the Elementary School

62.373 Diagnostic and Inclusive Practices

05.311 Methods and Materials in Elementary School Physical Education or 05.320 Health and Safety in Elementary School

60.291 Principles of Teaching or 79.301 Teaching, Learning, and Assessment in the Elementary Classroom

62.310 Teaching Fine Arts in the Elementary School

70.202 Technology for Exceptional Individuals

70.206 Introduction to Early Intervention

70.240 Foundations of Special Education

70.250 Behavior Intervention and Support

70.340 Educating Individuals with Moderate/Severe Disabilities

70.353 Assessment and Planning

70.357 Vocational Programming

70.401 Student Teaching with Exceptional Individuals

70.433 Language Arts for Students with Special Needs

70.450 Elementary Methods for Individuals with Mild Disabilities

70.451 Secondary Methods for Individuals with Mild Disabilities

70.461 Problems in Special Education