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American Sign Language/English Interpreting (B.S.)

Administered by Exceptionality Programs

Effective Fall, 2006

In addition to 53 semester hours in general education requirements, the major in interpreting requires 24 semester hours in Sign Language and 24-27 semester hours in interpreting; the remaining 16-19 semester hours required for a bachelor's degree come from elective courses.

Sign Language Requirements

74.153 Introduction to Sign Language

75.155 American Sign Language I

75.225 Linguistics of ASL

75.226 American Sign Language II

75.257 American Sign Language III

75.327 American Sign Language IV

75.330 The Deaf Culture

75.358 American Sign Language V

Interpreter Training Requirements:

75.235 Introduction to Interpreting

75.265 Pre-Interpreting Skills

75.335 Translation

75.365 Consecutive Interpreting

75.420 Simultaneous Interpreting

75.450 Transliteration

75.460 Practicum Seminar

75.480 Practicum

Related Course Requirements for ITP

20.112 Practical Grammar and Usage

25.103 Public Speaking

74.201 History, Education, and Guidance of the Deaf

Electives or Area of Concentration (Upon approval of advisor)

74.260 Interpreting in the Education Setting

75.101 Visual/Gestural Communication

75.275 Oral Interpreting

75.370 Tactile Interpreting

Optional Area of Concentration in Education of Deaf/Hard of Hearing

Interpreting students may choose to take an area of concentration in education of the deaf/hard of hearing. The undergraduate curriculum in education of the deaf/hard of hearing lays the foundation for the training and education needed to prepare classroom teachers and itinerant hearing therapists to work in educational settings with deaf/hard of hearing children and adults. Students supplement the curriculum for their majors with an area of concentration in education of the deaf/hard of hearing that requires a minimum of 18 semester hours.