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Philosophy (B.A.) (Fall 2008)

Administered by Philosophy

Effective Fall 2008

In addition to 53 semester hours of general education requirements, a total of 30 semester hours is required for a major in philosophy. The balance of the university's 120-hour requirement for a bachelor's degree comes from free elective courses. The following courses are required:

Logic requirement

28.270 Logic

Historical requirement

28.321 Plato and Aristotle
28.324 Descartes to Kant

Choose one of the following two courses:

28.328 Existentialism
28.329 20th Century Philosophy

Six courses in philosophy must also be selected in addition to the required courses for this degree program. Two courses must be from the 300 or above level sequence:

28.110 Critical Thinking

28.111 Introduction to Philosophy

28.290 Medical Ethics

28.292 Contemporary Moral Problems

28.295 Business Ethics

28.297 Ethics

28.403 Philosophy of Science

28.404 Philosophy of the Social Sciences

28.405 Philosophy of Law

28.406 Philosophy of Religion

28.407 Contemporary Political Philosophy

28.408 Feminist Philosophy

28.418 Contemporary Philosophy of Mind

28.419 Theory of Knowledge

28.420 Metaphysics

28.477 Philosophy of Ecology