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Communication Studies (B.A.) (Fall 2008)

Administered by Department of Communication Studies and Theatre Arts

Effective Fall 2008

Among 53 semester hours of general education requirements of the university, Communication Studies majors must take:

25.103 Public Speaking

Core requirements: A total of 9 semester hours are required from the following:

25.104 Interpersonal Communication

25.207 Investigating Communication

25.220 Intercultural Communication (diversity)

Areas of Concentration: All majors are required to take five of six courses in their chosen area of concentration, which must include the appropriate required course for that area, plus a minimum of one course from each of the other two areas of concentration, for a total of 21 semester hours. Students may take additional courses as free electives.

Interpersonal Relationship Management

25.215 Communication Theory (required)

25.309 Gender Issues in Communication (diversity)

25.313 Communication and Conflict

25.419 Communication in the Family

25.425 Communication in Relationships

25.426 Leadership and Team Building

Leadership and Social Influence

25.205 Understanding Social Influence (required)

25.315 Persuasion

25.321 Argumentation

25.413 Community Leadership

25.417 Evaluating Media Influence

25.418 Issue and Image Campaigns

Organizational Communication

25.210 Organizational Communication Theory (required)

25.306 Computer Applications for Professional Communicators

25.307 Communication for Business Professionals

25.407 Interviewing

25.423 Communication Training in Organizations

25.424 Corporate Communication

Capstone Experience: The capstone experience is required of all students in the major regardless of the area of concentration. After completing 80 or more semester hours, students with a minimum 2.5 cumulative grade point average are eligible to register for an internship that will serve as their capstone experience. Students may register for 3 to 9 internship semester hours. Additional internship credit beyond the required 3 hours cannot be substituted for other coursework, but would be considered as electives. Students academically ineligible for Internship in Communication should consult their academic advisor to arrange a suitable alternative experience, such as additional specialized coursework.

25.497 Internship in Communication

Elective Courses:

25.206 Oral Interpretation

25.218 Discussion

25.470 Independent Study

25.492, 25.493, 25.495 Advanced Studies in Communication

25.494 Advanced Studies in Communication (diversity)