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Art Studio (B.A.) (Fall 2008)

Administered by the Department of Art and Art History

Effective Fall 2008

Students must fulfill the requirements for the major, the general education courses and whatever free elective credits remain to bring the number of semester hours to 120 Attention transfer students: of the thirteen courses needed for the major, at least seven must be taken at Bloomsburg. All art courses at Bloomsburg are three semester hours unless indicated otherwise.

Requirements for Art Studio - A total of 39 semester hours is required for a major in art studio. Required courses include:


32.111 Introductory Drawing

32.151 Three-Dimensional Design

32.152 Two-Dimensional Design

32.231 Introductory Painting

32.241 Introductory Sculpture

32.261 Introductory Printmaking or 32.271 2D Mixed Media or 32.272 3D Mixed Media

32.281 Introductory Photography or 32.195 Computer Graphics

Specialization - Complete three additional courses in one area: ceramics, fabric design, mixed media, printmaking, drawing, painting, photography, sculpture or digital media.

Art History - Choose two courses from Art History (31).

Art Electives - Complete the 39 credits for major with art electives in Art History or Art Studio.