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Minor in Digital Forensics

Administered by: Department of Mathematics and Digital Sciences

Effective Fall 2016

Digital Forensics is the acquisition of digital evidence in a legally sound way. The minor is designed to be flexible and to appeal to students with many different majors.

Required courses:

DIGFOR.121 Digital Forensics File Systems 1

DIGFOR.122 Digital Forensics File Systems 2

At least twelve credit hours from the following:

DIGFOR.219 Intro. To Linux for D.F.

DIGFOR.257 Secure System Design and Administration

DIGFOR.275 Introduction to Networks

DIGFOR.311 Security Fundamentals

DIGFOR.317 Digital Forensics Software

DIGFOR.318 Small Devices

DIGFOR.319 UNIX/LINUX for Digital Forensics

DIGFOR.351 Enterprise Network Investigations

DIGFOR.371 Penetration Testing

DIGFOR.417 Advanced Topics in Digital Forensics •

DIGFOR.451 Malware Forensics


Courses may have prerequisites.

At most six credit hours from a major may be used toward the minor.