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Reading (M.Ed.)

Administered by Department of Teaching and Learning
Effective Spring 2021

Admission: Applicants must satisfy the general admission requirements for the School of Graduate Studies. In addition, applicants to this degree program must:

Retention: Students must maintain a QPA of 3.0 to remain in the program.

Transfer credits: A maximum of nine semester hours of graduate-level coursework may be transferred from an accredited institution; a maximum of 12 semester hours may be transferred from graduate courses completed at Bloomsburg University. Transfer courses must carry a grade of B or higher and must be completed no more than six years from the expected date of graduation. Transfer credits may be requested or submitted at any time during the student's six-year program, but require prior approval from the student's advisor and the assistant vice president and dean of graduate studies and research. See Graduate Policies for additional information

Graduation and Certification: Students seeking an M.Ed. in Reading must complete 30 semester hours with a cumulative QPA of 3.0. All requirements must be completed within six years from the date of admission into the program. Students must re-enroll for all courses that exceed the six-year program completion deadline outlined in the Graduate Catalog. Students seeking reading specialist certification must earn a minimum score of 570 on the Praxis specialty area test for reading specialists.

Reading Specialist Certification only (24 credits)

READING.540* Introduction to the Teaching of Reading
READING.541* Reading Assessment and Intervention (recommended to be taken directly prior to READING.553 Practicum in Reading or PROFSTUD.595)
READING.545 Organization and Administration of Reading Programs
READING.546* Reading in the Content Areas
READING.550 Literature, Literacy, and Culture
READING.551* Early Language Learning to Guided Reading and Writing

Practicum Requirement (6 credits)**:
READING.553 Practicum in Reading, Writing, and Word Study
PROFSTUD.595 Internship

Master of Education in Reading (30 credits)
Complete all of the above Reading Special Certification Courses (24 credits)
Plus these additional courses (6 credits)

EDL.590 Educational Research and Writing

EDL.518 Teaching Writing for Grades 4-12

Appropriate testing for certification as determined by PDE**

*Prerequisites required to be completed prior to participating in READING.553 Practicum in Reading, Writing and Word Study or PROFSTUD.595 Internship

**Speak to your graduate advisor or program advisor.