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Aging Studies and Gerontology Minor

Administered by the Departments of Psychology

Effective Fall 2018

Choose 6 courses (18 credits) from this list. A minimum of 2 courses must be foundational courses.


BIOLOGY.231 Biology of Aging

COMMSTUD.324 Health Communication (Prerequisite: COMMSTUD 104)

ECONOMIC.150 Introduction to Health Economics

NURSING.307 Contemporary Health Care Issues of Aging

PHIL.290 Medical Ethics

PSYCH.218 Principles of Gerontology (Prerequisite: PSYCH 101)

SOCWORK.456 Social Work and Issues of Aging (Prerequisites: SOCWORK 133 & SOCWORK 221)


ANTHRO.350 Medical Anthropology

BIOLOGY.205 Introduction to Nutrition

EXERSCI.261 First Aid and Safety

EXERSCI.285 Exercise and Mental Health

FINANCE.120 Personal Finance Decisions

NURSING.217 Alcohol: Use & Abuse

PSYCH.210 Lifespan Psychology (Prerequisite: PSYCH 101)

PSYCH.311 Adulthood and Aging (Prerequisite: PSYCH 101)

SOC.231 Marriage and Family

SPANISH.208 Conversational Spanish for the Health Professions (Prerequisite: SPANISH 102)

SPANISH.209 Spanish for Social Services (Prerequisite: SPANISH 102)

**The ASG Minor is continually adding new courses. Students who entered the ASG Minor under earlier requirements may choose to switch to these requirements by contacting Dr. Mason (