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Minor in Creative Writing (ENGLISH)

Administered by Department of English

Effective Fall 2017

The Minor in Creative Writing consists of 18 credit hours, selected to meet the following requirements:

ENGLISH.204 Introduction to Creative Writing

* Any two of the following pairs (Four courses - 12 credits):

ENGLISH.260 - Literary Non-Fiction


ENGLISH.302 - Non-Fiction Writing Workshop

ENGLISH.274 - Short Story


ENGLISH.301- Fiction Writing Workshop

ENGLISH.280 - Poetry


ENGLISH.303 - Poetry Writing Workshop

THEATRE.102 - Introduction to Theatre


THEATRE.340 - Scriptwriting

Any one of the following (3 credits):

ENGLISH.316 - The Practice of Creative Writing

ENGLISH.404 - Creative Writing Seminar

**Any 300 or 400 English Literature course

Any 300 or 400 English Linguistics course

*To take a 300-level Creative Writing Workshop course, students must first complete the related literature course. For example, students need to take ENGLISH.274 -Short Story before taking ENGLISH.301 Fiction Writing Workshop. While it is not a prerequisite in the Theatre Arts B.A., those who wish to count THEATRE.340 toward the Creative Writing minor (or major) must first take THEATRE.102.

**May require instructor permission.