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Information Technology (M.S.)

Administered by Department of Innovation, Technology and Supply Chain Management

Effective Fall, 2019

The proposed Master of Science in Information Technology is a 30 credit hour program consisting of ten (10) three-credit courses. There are seven (7) required courses, two (2) electives, and a required practicum.

Required Core Courses – Seven (7) courses

ITM.510 Business Application Development & Evaluation

ITM.512 Web & Mobile Development for Business

ITM.522 Data Science for Business

ITM.530 Enterprise Network Architectures, Platforms & Security

ITM.570 Managing Innovation & Projects

ITM.590 Strategic Information & Technology Management

ITM .592 Data Management for Business Intelligence

Elective Specialty Courses – Select any two (2) courses

MGMT.515 Principled Leadership, Ethics & Professional Development

MGMT.567 Managing People in Organizations

ITM.550 Global E-Business Technologies

ITM.598 Special Topics in IT

BUSED.521 Business Research

INSTTECH.548 Learning Analytics

Required Capstone – One (1) course

ITM.594 IT Practicum