Business Education - Master In Education (2005)

Individuals who have already obtained a non-education bachelor's degree and would like to receive a Master in Education in Business Education are provided the following program:

Admission Requirements

The Business Education graduate faculty admit students to the Master of Education program based on an analysis of several qualitative and quantitative criteria, including past academic performance, aptitude for business and education studies, professional accomplishments, and motivation. Individuals seeking admission to the program must provide the following admission materials:

Meet general admission requirements for the School of Graduate Studies.

Pass Graduate Record Exam on the general knowledge section with a recommended minimum score of 450 for Verbal Reasoning, 420 for Quantitative and 4.0 on Analytical Writing

or pass all of the following:

Praxis I: Pre-Professional Skills TestsQualifying Score
10710 Pre-Professional Skills Test: Reading 172
20720 Pre-Professional Skills Test: Writing 173
10730 Pre-Professional Skills Test: Math 173
Praxis II: Subject Test
30511 Fundamental Subjects: Content Knowledge150

Complete Test of English as Foreign Language (TOEFL) for international applicants whose native language is not English with a recommended score of 550 or 213 on computer test.

Submit current resume including professional background, education, and other experiences.

Submit letter of intent stating your rationale for seeking admission to the program.

Obtain two letters of recommendation with names, addresses, positions, and telephone numbers of references who have knowledge of applicant's academic and/or professional background.

Until all admissions materials are submitted, students with an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale will be classified as non-degree, with permission to complete up to 12 graduate credits. Students may transfer up to nine hours of graduate courses, in which a grade of "B" or higher is earned from another accredited college or university, with the approval of the graduate program advisor.

Until all admissions materials are submitted, students with an undergraduate GPA below 3.0 on a 4.0 scale will be classified as non-degree, with permission to complete up to 9 graduate credits. A grade of "B" or better is required in all of these courses.

Please note: Graduate Assistants and Financial Aid are only available to students who have completed all admission requirements for the graduate program.

Retention. Requirements for this program are the same as those for the School of Graduate Studies.

Graduation. A minimum of 30 semester hours in graduate-level courses is required. The program consists of five required core courses and five elective courses with an education emphasis.

Certification. Students who wish to receive a K-12, Level I Professional Teaching Certificate in business, computer and information technology from the Pennsylvania Department of Education must fulfill additional requirements in addition to the M.Ed. in Business Education.

Additional coursework in the areas of education and business as determined by the program coordinator after a review of transcripts; complete the requirements for admission to teacher education; complete a semester of student teaching; and pass the Praxis I and II National Teacher Examination tests for business education.

Required Courses

94.500 Business Information Systems and Technology

94.510 Business Information Systems Applications

94.520 Administrative Communications

94.530 Telecommunications

94.540 Training and Development

Electives: Choose five courses from the following (all elective selections must be approved by advisor)

60.527 Classroom Management and Effective Discipline

Choose one of the following three courses:

60.565 Advanced Foundations of Education
79.593 Studies in Human Diversity
60.506 Multicultural Education

63.540 Intro to Teaching of Reading or 63.546 Reading in the Content Areas

70.516 Psychology of Exceptional Individuals

79.591 Foundations of Education Research

90.581 Seminar in BCIT

Other courses as approved by adviser