OIS (94) Office Information Systems

Administered by Department of Business Education and Office Information Systems

Effective Fall, 2003

94.221 Office Systems Concepts (3) - An overview of office systems-technology, people and procedures within organizational and environmental contexts. Major technologies that support information creation, storage, retrieval, manipulation and distribution are covered.

94.302 End User Solutions Development (3) - Presents the student with an opportunity to develop application solutions for business office suites using Object Oriented Macro Language (OOML), a programming language supported by many popular business applications. The use of OOML greatly increases the productive value of these office suites.

94.322 End User Project Management (3) - Presents the student with an opportunity to use project management tools and an office suite to design, implement and evaluate end-user solutions for an office information systems environment.

94.330 Telecommunications (Spring only) (3) - An introduction to telecommunications and networking in the business environment. Topics include the history of telecommunications, networking fundamentals, electronic mail, teleconferencing, voice processing, facsimile, wireless communications, electronic data interchange, the Internet/World Wide Web, HTML and web page development. Management issues and practical applications are an integral part of this course.

94.340 Network Design and Administration (Spring Only) (3) - Provides a comprehensive and practical knowledge of network management and enhancement. Students get practical experience working with software, hardware, customizing user environments, implementing technology security and enhancing and troubleshooting the computing environment. Prerequisite: 92.150, junior standing and permission of department.

94.405 Training and Development in Office Systems (Fall only) (3) - Application of theories of learning and instructional development to the education and training of employees in office systems. Topics include instructional design, technology and the implementation, evaluation and management of training in an organizational environment. Prerequisite: Senior standing or 64 credits.

94.407 Information and Office Environment Management (Fall only) (3 ) - Provides acceptable practices in the management of information and the office environment. Students will develop an understanding of the information life cycle, the importance of an ergonomically designed work environment and how information serves as a critical organizational asset. Topics include: records management systems, human factors in the office environment (ergonomics), workflow and spatial design and layout. Prerequisites: 94.221, 94.302, 90.333, senior standing.

94.408 Systems Security Management (3) - An introduction to end-user systems security from a management aspect. The course emphasizes the methods for the management of information security through the development of policies, procedures, audits, and logs. It also provides an understanding of the methods used for identifying threats and vulnerabilities, as well as analyses of the legal, ethical and privacy issues in information systems and discusses emerging technologies relating to systems security.

94.500 Office Systems and Information (3) - An overview of office systems - people, technology, and procedures within organizational and environmental contexts. Provides an understanding of the evolving role of the office as a key information systems center.

94.510 Office Systems Applications (3) - Discusses applications of office automation technologies to enhance productivity of office employees from support personnel to managers. Hands-on experience includes comparative and selective techniques for hardware and software, as well as an evaluation of appropriate training materials for support personnel.

94.520 Administrative Communications (3) - Provides application of communication skills for those professionals who work in environments with automated information and communication systems. Topics include: oral and written reports, systems-related documents (reports, proposals, procedures) - , research methods, and information technology.

94.530 Telecommunications (3) - Introduction to telecommunications in the business environment. Topics include: telephony, data codes, protocols, network architectures, local area networks, communications media, hardware, and software. Management issues and practical applications are an integral part of the course. Emphasizes the application of telecommunications to facilitate information interchange in whatever form the information takes: voice, data, text, and image.

94.540 Training and Development (3) - Applies theories of learning and instructional procedures to education and training of employees in office systems. Topics include: instructional design, strategies, technology, and implementation, evaluation, and management of training with the organizational structure.

94.550 Integrated Office Systems (3) - Capstone course of office systems curriculum. Includes a synthesis and an application of concepts related to current office systems topics. Students should enroll in this course during the last semester of the degree program. Prerequisite: 94.500, 94.540 or consent of the instructor.