CIS (92) Computer and Information Science

Administered by Department of Computer and Information Systems

Effective Spring 2004

92.140 Introduction to Computer and Information Systems (3) - An introduction to information systems. Provides an overview of curriculum and careers in IS. Emphasizes capturing, storing and retrieving data, web site development and relational database concepts. Hands-on component: html, UNIX, Access.

92.141 Introduction to Business Information System Development (3) - An introduction to the development of business information systems emphasizing database management. Key topics include basic system concepts, the system development life cycle, rapid prototyping, and database management principles. Students will develop simple information systems using a database management system and a web interface. Basic SQL will be introduced. Prerequisite: 92.140.

92.150 Introduction to Information Technology (3) (non majors) - Introduces computer-based systems and their use in problem solving and information processing. Includes a study of hardware and software concepts, data management, data communications and system development. Involves hands-on experience with word processing, spreadsheet and file management software using networked microcomputers. Prerequisite: None.

92.240 Introduction to Programming I (3) - An introduction to programming and problem solving. The course focuses on how to write a structured, modular program in a current programming language. Problem solving methods are stressed. Students Examine data representation, control structures, and algorithmic development using a high-level language on a UNIX platform. Prerequisite: 92.141.

92.241 Introduction to Programming II (3) - Object-oriented programming is emphasized. Students learn how to create event-driven programs that involve a graphic user interface. The course focuses on how to write object-oriented programs. It examines objects, inheritance, containers, file I/O and exception handling using a high-level Object-Oriented language on a UNIX platform. The Prerequisite: 92.240.

92.252 Business Oriented Programming (3) - Detailed study of structured problem solving in a business environment. Explores logical and physical structures, data representation, modular design, structured programming and documentation. Presents processing techniques for one and two-level tables, data validation, control break logic and sequential file processing. Students develop increasingly complex programs using COBOL in a UNIX environment. Prerequisite: 92.141

92.254 Management Information Systems (3) - A study of how computer-based information systems provide information for effective decision making. Includes: structured analysis, design techniques, database concepts, person-machine interaction, data retrieval and telecommunications. The course focuses on the use of information technology to improve modern business decision-making. Prerequisites: 92.150 or 56.110.

92.346 Data and Information Structures (3) - Studies standard data and file structures and algorithms for creation and manipulation of these structures. Explores rationale for use of structures under varying circumstances from both a practical and theoretical perspective. Involves computer exercises implementing selected algorithms in a suitable high-level language on a UNIX platform. Prerequisite: 92.241

92.351 Systems Analysis and Design (3) - Provides an opportunity to bring together experiences in CIS courses, other business courses and life in general to develop information systems. Helps develop skills required for successful business system development. Prerequisites: 92.252.

92.352 Advanced Programming (spring) (3) - Presents advanced concepts of programming in COBOL with major emphasis on indexed sequential files, interactive programming, subroutine linkage, random files and SQL RDBMS programming concepts. Prerequisites: 92.252.

92.354 Data Base Processing Systems (fall) (3) - Details and examines data base terminology organization and models. Analysis, design and administration of a relational data base explored through applicable programming experiences. Prerequisite: 92.241

92.356 Operating Systems (fall) (3) - Presents an overview of operating systems including real and virtual operating systems and communications software and techniques. Includes diagnostic facilities, utility routines and system commands. Provides a detailed look at UNIX. Prerequisite: 92.241.

92.358 Data Communication Systems (spring) (3) - Data communications terminology, technology and the functional characteristics of communications hardware and software detailed and explored. Emphasizes systems and programming considerations as related to a commercial environment. Prerequisite: 92.241

92.364 Fundamentals of Electronic Commerce (spring) (3) - This course explores the rapidly-growing field of Electronic Commerce (EC). The communications infrastructure required to implement EC will be studied, particularly the Internet. The related issues of transaction security and privacy will be explored. Consumer-oriented EC will be studied. Students will explore how businesses are utilizing EC to gain a competitive advantage. Prerequisite: 92.354

92.432 Internship in Computer and Information Systems (6) - An educational arrangement between the student and an approved industrial, business or government agency that provides a supervised work experience in a professional area of computer and information science. The experience relates to the academic principles and theories upon which the Computer and Information Systems curriculum is based. Prerequisites: Grade point average of 2.5 and 75 semester hours.

92.450 Expert Systems and Artificial Intelligence (fall) (3) - A survey of basic concepts and techniques of expert systems and artificial intelligence applied to commercial information systems. Examines knowledge acquisition, representation, storage and inference methods used in expert systems. Stresses the applications, and uses illustrations, from the business environment. Prerequisite: 92.241

92.460 Advanced Systems Development I (fall) 3) - First of a two-semester course sequence during which students will work on teams to analyze a business problem and design and implement a computer-based solution. During the first semester, project management techniques and tools will be covered. Students will work in teams to implement the solution to a business problem. Prerequisite: 92.346 and senior standing.

92.461 Advanced Systems Development II (spring) (3) - Second of a two-semester course sequence during which students will work on teams to analyze a business problem and design and implement a computer-based solution. Students will work in teams to implement the solution to a business problem developed in 92.460. The team will make a presentation of its project to a group of IS professionals. Prerequisite: 92.460.

92.498 Special Topics (3) - Examines current or advanced issues in the field of computer and information systems not normally examined in depth in other courses.

92.550 Information Processing (3) - A comprehensive introduction and basic orientation to the use of information processing in the educational environment. Students are required to investigate the impact of the computer and associated peripheral devices on the classroom. Emphasis is placed on the effective use of available computer resources. Prerequisite: Graduate standing.

92.554 Management Information Systems (3) - Studies information analysis and systems design from the user's point of view. Students identify the basic concepts of information systems, information flow and the nature of management information systems. Data bases and data base management systems will be investigated from the manager's perspective. Prerequisite: Graduate standing.