General Business - BUS (90)

Administered by Department of Business Education and Office Information Systems

Effective Spring, 2004

90.101 Introduction to Business (3) - Provides a study of business and its environment organization, operation and interrelationships with government and society. Business majors develop a broad base for further study in a specific area in business, while other majors become familiar with the American enterprise system and the functions and issues facing business today. Prerequisite: Not open to business administration degree students with 6 or more semester hours in business.

90.333 Business Communications and Report Writing (3) - Applies theories and principles of effective communication to solve common business problems. Psychological and organizational strategies are used in writing business reports and other documents. Prerequisite: junior or senior standing.

90.341 Principles of Selling (3) - Includes a study of selling as a profession, preparation for successful selling, steps and procedures associated with the sales process and special selling topics. Students apply sales principles and techniques while conducting sales presentations. Prerequisite: junior standing.

90.350 Valuing Diversity in Business (3) - A study of the challenges and opportunities presented to businesses in the United States by an emerging multicultural society. Explores cultural heritage, values, beliefs and prejudices and the effects of privilege and oppression upon individuals organizations and businesses, as well as possible solutions.

90.402 Instructional Strategies and Assessment in Business, Computer and Information Technology (3) - This course emphasizes a variety of instructional strategies and assessment techniques for teaching business, computer and information technology courses. Prerequisites: senior level, schedule semester prior to student teaching.

90.403 BCIT Field Experience (1) - Initiates an awareness of the teaching and learning atmosphere of the professional teacher in the classroom. Students provided opportunities to undertake the responsibilities assigned to a classroom teacher, including assuming some of the teaching role competencies. Must be scheduled the semester prior to student teaching. Prerequisite: Admission to teacher education.

90.404 Professional Semester in BCIT (12) -Includes orientation experiences to observe the operation of a school and specific classes as well as 16 weeks of participatory teaching experiences correlated with classroom studies under full-time supervision. Must be scheduled concurrently with 90.406.

90.406 Clinical Studies in BCIT (3) - Presents seminars on principles of education for business, computer and information technology teachers, instructional strategies for teaching business subjects, assessments and problems of classroom teaching. Classroom discussions closely correlated with the experiences of 90.404. and the four domains of the conceptual framework for professional practice.

90.431 Independent Study in Business (1-3) -Topic and outline of project must be approved by the department chairperson and dean of the college. Prerequisite: Open to seniors only.

90.432 Internship in Business (1-6) - Provides students with opportunities to acquire practical experiences in work situations in office systems. Prerequisites: Approval by department chairperson; GPA of 2.50 and 75 semester hours earned.

90.460 Business and Office Workshop (1-3) - Students acquire an awareness and understanding of the knowledge pertaining to the professional development and improvement of business skills, the enhancement of business and office education as a professional responsibility and their role in the business world.

90.498 Special Topics in Business Education and Office Systems (1-3) - A study of the aspects of business education or office systems. Not available as a regular course offering.

90.560 Business and Office Education Workshop (1-3) - Addresses those educational ideas and experiences that encourage, support, and guide participants to acquire an increased understanding of the accumulated knowledge pertaining to the development of business skills, enhancement of business education as a profession, and determination of a business and office personnel's responsibility and role in the business world.

90.564 Business Education Program Management and Development (3) - Studies basic management and curriculum theory as it applies to business education program administration and supervision. Course approached from the perspectives of planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling.

90.581 Seminar in Business, Computer and Information Technology (3) - Investigates and evaluates completed research in business education on particular topic area(s). Students submit written reports which are used as the basis for class discussions.

90.590 Master's Thesis in Business Education (6)

90.599 Special Topics in Business Education and Office Information Systems (3) - Studies current or advanced topics in the field of business teacher education and/or office information systems not normally presented in other courses.