Professional Studies - PRS (79)

Administered by the Departments of Early Childhood and Elementary Education, Educational Studies and Secondary Education and Exceptionality Programs

Effective Fall, 2003

79.301 Teaching, Learning and Assessment (3) - A study of how teaching, learning and assment are used collectively in early childhiood and elementary classroom settings. The emphasis is on how teaching, learning and assessment are impacted by the Pennsylvania Content Standards and effectively used by the teaching professional. Field opportunities are available in this course.

79.312 Internship in Education (1-15) - A work study program in an education-related setting applicable to fulfilling free electives in teacher education degree programs.

79.320 Field-Based Inclusion Practicum (6) - Provides application of theories in learning, assessment, classroom management and teaching strategies to inclusive school settings. Topics include building home/school partnerships, environmental/curricular adaptations, instructional support teams, collaboration, cooperative learning, mastery learning, classroom management, whole language, curriculum-based assessments, peer coaching. Prerequisite: junior or senior status.

79.591 Research in Education (3) - Studies methods and techniques used in educational research; development and interpretation of statistical data and application to professional problems.

79.593 Studies in Human Diversity (3) - Designed for teachers seeking an advanced degree in education. Broadly based and field-based oriented. Provides additional opportunities to integrate new learning and classroom experiences in these areas: human development, language and culture, learning modes and styles, multicultural and exceptional studies, and an understanding of the social and cultural milieu.

79.599 Thesis (6) - Student demonstrates ability to employ accepted methods of educational research in the solution or intensive study of some problem area of interest or concern. The problem area selected for the research project must be related to the curriculum that the student is pursuing.