Art Studio - ARS (32)

Administered by Department of Art and Art History

Effective Spring 2004

Level I courses are open to all students.

32.111 Drawing I (3) - Examines various approaches toward drawing and explores the use of a variety of drawing materials. Studio practice and class critiques address each person's power of observation, craftsmanship, self-expression and growth.

32.151 Three-Dimensional Design (3) - Introduction to the basic elements and principles of design such as the organization of visual elements and color, with emphasis on three-dimensional design.

32.152 Two-Dimensional Design (3) - An introduction to the basic elements and principles of design such as the organization of visual elements and color, with an emphasis on two-dimensional design.

32.195 Computer Art Graphics (3) - An introductory course exploring the potential of the computer as a tool to create fine art. Stresses images based on current computer technologies and use of software and computers to create new kinds of images. Emphasis on using technologies with a fine arts approach.

32.201 Ceramics I (3) - Introduces the processes of making and firing ceramic objects.

32.202 Ceramics II (3) - Affords students the opportunity to become more involved by selecting their own methods of work. Prerequisite: 32.201.

32.210 Life Drawing (3) - Examines various approaches to drawing the figure. Students study anatomy and continue to develop technical facility with a variety of media. Contemporary and historical figurative concerns are examined.

32.212 Drawing II (3) - Continues exploration of attitudes and materials stressing composition and form. Includes work from the human skeleton and linear perspective. Prerequisite: 32.111.

32.221 Fabric Design I (Fall) (3) - Introduction to a variety of methods, approaches, tools, materials and visual concepts in designing with fibers.

32.222 Fabric Design II (Fall) (3) - Continuation of 32.221 with limited areas of concentration selected by each student. Professional methods, approaches and attitudes discussed. Prerequisite: 32.221.

32.231 Painting I (3) - Introduction to the methods, materials and concepts of painting. Provides exploration of and increased sensitivity to one's environment through color. Prerequisite: 32.111

32.232 Painting II (3) - Devotes attention to the development of the technical skill inherent in the formation of images. Includes the study of the landscape as a concept in painting. Prerequisite: 32.231.

32.241 Sculpture I (3) - Explores three-dimensional artistic expression with an emphasis on introducing students to basic sculptural materials.

32.242 Sculpture II (3) - Promotes continued development in the use of materials and processes; strives for unique individual expression. Prerequisite: 32.241.

32.251 Weaving I (Spring) (3) - Provides an introduction to weaving including foot-powered looms and off-loom techniques. Weaves, fibers, spinning and looms will be part of the studio experience. Prerequisite: 32.152 or consent of instructor.

32.252 Weaving II (3) - Requires a loom-controlled sampler plus continued experience in weaving techniques and artistic decision dealing with fibers. Prerequisite: 32.251.

32.261 Printmaking I (3) - Introduction to the methods, materials and concepts of graphic art through exploration of basic printmaking techniques.

32.262 Printmaking II (3) - Emphasis on color printmaking and color registration procedures. Provides a concentration in serigraphy and intaglio techniques. Prerequisite: 32.261.

32.275 Crafts I (3) - Introduction to a varied array of crafts, methods, tools, materials, techniques and artistic concepts.

32.276 Crafts II (3) - Provides a continued exploration of selected in-depth crafts processes and concepts on a more professional basis. Prerequisite: 32.275.

32.281 Photography I (3) - Introduction to black and white photography as a medium of visual expression. Technical emphasis on fundamental camera and exposure controls and introduction to darkroom printing techniques. Photographic style, composition and theory discussed. Students must have a 35mm camera and provide their own film and paper.

32.282 Photography II (3) - Continues exploration of black and white fine art photography. Emphasis on refining exposure and printing skills. Introduces zone system metering, medium format photography and alternative photographic processes. Students must have a camera and provide their own film and paper. Prerequisite: 32.281.

32.283 Introductory Color Photography (3) - Introduces students to color photography as a significant medium of communication and aesthetic expression and to the theory and processes involved in producing color photographs. Introduction to alternative color photographic processes will also be taught. Prerequisite: 32.281

32.303 Ceramics III (3) - Provides student an opportunity to specialize through the pursuit of making an art object. Prerequisite: 32.202.

32.304 Ceramics IV (3) - Requires students to be responsible for making, firing and showing their own wares. Prerequisite: 32.303 and permission of the instructor.

32.313 Drawing III (3) - Entails studio practice, outside assignments and critiques in pursuit of self-discovery and personal expression. Each student completes an individual project. Prerequisite: 32.212.

32.314 Drawing IV (3) - Continues studio practice and outside assignments Critiques stress individuality and deep involvement of personal expression. Each student pursues an individual project. Prerequisite: 32.313 and permission of the instructor.

32.323 Fabric Design III (Fall) (3) - Provides a continuation of Fabric Design II with concentration in one area selected by the student. Focus is on refining one's craft, visual perception and professional attitude. Prerequisite: 32.222.

32.324 Fabric Design IV (Fall) (3) - Presents a continuation of Fabric Design III with each student functioning in a highly independent and professional manner in one area. Prerequisite: 32.323 and permission of the instructor.

32.333 Painting III(3) - Provides development toward maturity of study and statement. Includes study of the figure as a concept in painting. Prerequisite: 32.232.

32.334 Painting IV (3) - Provides advanced work planned for individual needs. Paintings are structured from experiences based on previous development. Prerequisite: 32.333 and permission of the instructor.

32.343 Sculpture III (3) - Focuses on the expansion of expression and its relationship to sculptural processes. Prerequisite: 32.242.

32.344 Sculpture IV (3) - Enables advanced, independent work toward a maturing, personal expression in sculpture. Prerequisite: 32.343 and permission of the instructor.

32.353 Weaving III (Spring) (3) - Provides continued experience in weaving techniques with emphasis on in-depth production, two-dimensional or three-dimensional. Prerequisite: 32.252.

32.354 Weaving IV (Spring) (3) - Develops an individualistic approach to weaving with emphasis on in-depth production. Prerequisite: 32.353 and permission of the instructor.

32.363 Printmaking III (3) - Exploration of mixed media printmaking methods and concepts. Emphasizes photographic and lithographic techniques. Prerequisite: 32.262.

32.364 Printmaking IV (3) - Exploration of experimental printmaking. Emphasis on personal expression. Prerequisite: 32.363 and permission of the instructor.

32.383 Photography III (3) - Requires students to develop personal photographic projects to produce during the semester. Emphasizes individual exploration of black and white photographic materials and processes. Students must provide a 35 mm camera, film and paper. Prerequisite: 32.282.

32.384 Photography IV (3) - Requires students to produce personal photographic projects resulting in final portfolios and an exhibition of fine art photographic prints. Students must provide a 35mm camera, film and paper. Prerequisite: 32.383 and permission of the instructor.

32.395 Art and Culture of France (3) - Provides a study-tour of France with specific attention to French art seen in relation to its social and cultural environment. Features a new theme and visits to related areas each time course is offered. Past themes include "The Age of Francis I," "The Art of Provence," and "The Normandy Influence.".

32.475 Independent Study in Studio Arts I (1-3) - Allows individualized independent study in a selected studio area. Amount of course credit awarded is determined by the instructor on the basis of the substance and depth of the project to be undertaken. Prerequisite: Satisfactory completion of four levels of a studio area or its equivalent.

32.476 Independent Study in Studio Arts II (1-3) - Extension of 32.475 Independent Study in Studio Arts I.

32.480 Internship in Art (3-6) - Provides upper-level art majors with an opportunity to acquire meaningful experiences in practical work situations outside the regular courses prescribed by art curriculum (e.g., museum curator, designers, merchandising operations, artists).

32.490 Art Gallery (3) - Provides involvement with the collection, preservation and exhibition of art work. Experience concludes with planning and hanging an exhibition in Haas Gallery of Art. Visits to museums and art galleries familiarize students with the varied nature and philosophy of exhibition today.

32.500 Advanced Ceramics I (3) - Requires students to define in writing their level of knowledge and competency, then prepare a plan of study that will allow for a direction of work. Students are responsible for making and firing their own work.

32.501 Advanced Ceramics II (3) - Students intensify their study of selecting a specialized problem relating to the experiences gained in Advanced Ceramics I.

32.502 Advanced Ceramics III (3) - Students continue to pursue an advanced and refined level of study in the discipline of creating an art object. A specialized problem relating to the experiences gained in the first two levels facilitates continuity in learning.

32.503 Advanced Ceramics IV (3) - Focuses on professional and philosophical attitude reflected in students' work. Students are required to have an exhibition of their work.

32.510 Advanced Drawing I (3) - Explores advanced drawing techniques and involvement of personal expression and imagery.

32.511 Advanced Drawing II (3) - Emphasis on the development of individual themes and projects.

32.512 Advanced Drawing III (3) - Focuses on personal expression and imagery for potential thesis statement - self-direction and innovation.

32.513 Advanced Drawing IV (3) - Concentration and production of drawings for a unified thesis statement.

32.520 Advanced Crafts I (3) - Advanced levels of experimentation with contemporary idioms in crafts design. Emphasis on highly professional concepts of form and methods and on investigation and refinement of techniques as a means of realizing significant visual statements in crafts. Individualized instruction and independent planning for each student on all four levels.

32.521 Advanced Crafts II (3) - Individual concentration on specific media and related techniques. Intense involvement with refined design schemes, systems, and variations that are oriented toward an increasingly more defined singular direction in crafts.

32.522 Advanced Crafts III (3) - Highly independent and mature involvement with advanced concepts, methods, and processes in a specific crafts direction. Students should begin to develop a thesis presentation which should emerge from studio experiences, independent research, and from a wide, highly selective exposure to craft objects in museums, galleries, and private studios.

32.523 Advanced Crafts IV (3) - Continued involvement with advanced concepts in crafts. Concentration on completing final works for a one-man or a one-woman show. A definitive position paper reflecting a personal philosophy in crafts should be developed.

32.530 Printmaking I (3) - Advanced level exploration of traditional and/or experimental printmaking methods. Emphasis on personalized imagery and technical proficiency.

32.531 Printmaking II (3) - Exploration of advanced level printmaking including color and color registration procedures.

32.532 Printmaking III (3) - Focuses on personalized forms for potential thesis statement. Students are expected to be innovative and proficient in technology of printmaking.

32.533 Printmaking IV (3) - Concentration on the selected forms for a unified thesis statement.

32.540 Advanced Painting I (3) - Searches into purpose of painting with specific attention to traditional methods, i.e., glazing, egg tempera, and underpainting.

32.541 Advanced Painting II (3) - Exploration and different approaches of painting for individual expression. Emphasis on achieving in representational painting.

32.542 Advanced Painting III (3) - Continued development into maturity of individual style - with emphasis on mural painting designed into architectural space.

32.543 Advanced Painting IV (3) - Mature fulfillment of personal expression. Painting should reflect continuity of intent and style. A selection of work is prepared for exhibition and thesis.

32.550 Advanced Sculpture I (3) - Requires students to define in writing their level of knowledge and philosophical direction, then prepare a plan of study that allows for a direction of work. Students are responsible for the completion of show quality pieces.

32.551 Advanced Sculpture II (3) - Emphasis on student experimentation while still being concerned with the concept form. Focus on growth and development of more positive philosophical ideas.

32.552 Advanced Sculpture III (3) - Students' work should reflect a significant transition from experimentations to a more definite direction in technique and aesthetic opinion.

32.553 Advanced Sculpture IV (3) - Students produce highly professional pieces of art while maintaining an awareness of their responsibility to society. This responsibility is fulfilled by an exhibition of each student work for a thesis.

32.580 Advanced Photography I (3) - Focuses on foundations of black and white photography for the advanced student. Emphasis on the technical controls of exposure and printing, research on historical and contemporary photographers and issues, and active participation in class critiques and lectures.

32.581 Advanced Photography II (3) - Students identify technical and conceptual problems and goals which they will pursue during the course. Written statement of intentions, self-evaluation of work, and a final portfolio required. Attendance at lectures and critiques is required.

32.582 Advanced Photography III (3) - Stresses proficiency in black and white exposure and printing. Students design a semester photographic project with a finished portfolio and exhibition as final goals. Continued class participation and development of technical skills expected.

32.583 Advanced Photography IV (3) - Students write a statement outlining their thesis work to be carried out during the course. A final thesis, exhibition, and portfolio are required.

32.595 Directed Study in Studio Art (3 or 6) - Continued development of a student's involvement in a studio area after satisfactory completion of four levels of advanced study in that area or in a related area of relevance. Consent of the instructor and the department chairperson are required.