Art - ART (30)

Administered by Department of Art and Art History

Effective Fall, 2003

30.101 Introduction to Art (3) - Examines major works of art and architecture and the cultural forces that shaped them from ancient times to the present, from a global perspective.

30.205 Children's Art (3) - Provides encounters with the art of children and ways to promote attitudes of discovery and invention, with emphasis on growth of expression.

30.385 Philosophy and Psychology of Art (3) - Studies major philosophical points of view governing an understanding and criticism of the arts, past and present.

30.590 Current Theories of Art and Art Education (3) - Focuses on current theories of art and art education practiced in American schools with an emphasis on eventual application. A research paper or research project is required.

30.591 Advanced Visual Arts for Exceptional Children (3) - Stresses importance of art activity as a means of enriching and stimulating special children's awareness of themselves and their world. Emphasis is placed on those positive aspects for creative activity which the handicapped child possesses.

30.595 Master's Thesis (3-6)