Interdisciplinary Studies - IDS (09)

Administered by College of Liberal Arts

Effective Spring 2004

09.100 University Seminar (1) - Promotes a successful transition to college life for new freshmen through the presentation of critical information about the university's academic program.

09.111 Introduction to the Peoples of the Third World (3) - Examines the peoples of the Far and Middle East, Africa and Latin America; their art, literature, philosophy, cultural geography and history, sketching their importance in the world.

09.150 Introduction to Library Research (1) - In this self-paced online course, students learn to effectively assess their research needs, evaluate information resources in electronic and print formats, and retrieve reliable information relevant to their research. Students learn to convey their research findings in compliance with the academic integrity policy of the university. Students learn to properly cite information (e.g., APA, MLA) and under what circumstances to do so.

09.211 History of Natural Scientific Thought (3) - Reviews the historical development of the natural sciences and mathematics, the nature of scientific and mathematical thought and methods, characteristics of these disciplines and their significance to human progress.

09.213 Science, Technology and Human Values (3) - Compares the interaction of science and technology with human values. Studies past, present and future technological developments and their impact on personal and social values.

09.230 Human Sexuality (3) - Presents a two (2) gender perspective of the roles of sexuality in the life of humans. Considered are anthropological, biological, psychological and sociological aspects of sexuality and their relation to popular culture and diversity. Addresses current public health issues, ethics, responsible decision-making and values.

09.231 Technical Writing (3) - Presents the principles of technical writing in the physical, natural and social sciences and in technology and industry. Promotes effectiveness in communicating technical information to specialized and general audiences. Uses seminar approach involving class participation and individualized instruction.

09.311 Seminar in American Studies I (3) - Provides a thorough appreciation of our varied heritage and research materials and resources available for deepening the knowledge of this growing area of inquiry.

09.312 Seminar in American Studies II (3) - continuation of 09.311.

09.330 Free Enterprise (1-4) - This is an applied interdisciplinary course in the development and dissemination of the values of the free enterprise system. Students will perform demographic, marketing studies and set up free enterprises; disseminate the values of free enterprise in the local and the international community. Participants will acquire leadership, national and international competitions sponsored annually by Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE), an international organization and are supported by about 800 institutions of higher education. Time management skills, project management skills, assessing project performance, impact and evaluation in the ethical and global contexts are some of the competencies in addition to superior presentation skills sought by the judges in all competitions, will be taught in this course.

09.487 THIS Internship Experience (9) - Internship provides outstanding students with enriching academic experience as an intern in the executive or legislative branches of state government or with state boards, agencies or commissions.

09.488 THIS Research Project (3) - The student intern completes an individualized directed project involving substantial analysis and research. The project is related to the internship experience.

09.489 THIS Academic Seminar (3) - Student interns participate in a seminar coordinated by the resident director. The seminar is structured to integrate the student's work experience with a rigorous academic component and an exposure to multiple facets of state government.

09.491 Honors Independent Study in Humanities I (1-3) - An independent study course in which, under the guidance of a faculty mentor, the student completes the initial project(s) in the first stage of his/her proposed honors work.

09.492 Honors Seminar in the Humanities (3) - Allows for continued in-depth study of a particular research project of the student's choice and provides honor students the opportunity to discuss with peers and interested faculty concepts in the humanities related to the project and to the student's major field. Seminars organized around general themes selected by the humanities honors committee and announced in advance.

09.493 Honors Independent Study in the Humanities II (1-3) - Independent study in an area previously approved as part of the student's overall honors program.

09.495 Honors Seminar in the Natural Sciences and Mathematics (1) - Offers a cross-disciplinary perspective to students in the honors program with emphasis on student presentation and discussion of important topics in a student's area of expertise.

09.496 Honors Independent Study in the Social Sciences I (1-3) - Involves the student's selection of an honors adviser and project, initial exploratory reading and a proposal for a major Honors Independent Study Project. Reserved for students who qualify for and wish to pursue an honors course of study in their last two years. Usually taken in the junior year.

09.497 Honors Seminar in the Social Sciences (3) - Allows for continued in-depth study of a particular research project and provides honor students the opportunity to discuss with peers and interested faculty concepts in the social sciences which relate to the research project and the student's major field. Focus of the seminar is interdisciplinary.

09.498 Honors Independent Study in Social Sciences II (3) - Provides for an on-site work experience and training program designed to give selected interns an opportunity to apply theoretical and descriptive knowledge acquired in multiple humanities disciplines. Requires approval of the internship coordinator and the dean of Arts and Sciences.

09.580-589 Special Topics (1-3) - Provides an opportunity for graduate students from any graduate program to expand their knowledge from a previously learned experience or to explore a new learning experience not offered on a regular basis. Each course carries from 1 to 3 semester hours. Prerequisites are determined by the instructor.

09.590 Graduate Internship (1-6) - Provides a work-study experience initially administrated by an academic faculty member and a sponsoring employer. Provides the opportunity for an internship experience across disciplines at a graduate level.

09.599 Master's Thesis (3-6)