Natural Sciences and Mathematics (B.A.) (2003)

Administered by: Department of Physics and Engineering Technology

Effective Fall, 2003

General education requirements of the university apply to this interdisciplinaries studies major, with the exception that all 12 credits of the Group C distribution requirement plus the three credits of the quantitative-analytical reasoning requirement may be drawn from the core courses of the major. A total of 120 credits is required for a bachelor of science degree.

The following specific core courses are required.

53.125 Calculus I

53.126 Calculus II

56.121 Introduction to Computer Science or 56.116 Algorithmic Processes

54.211 General Physics I or 54.111 Introductory Physics I

54.212 General Physics II or 54.112 Introductory Physics II

52.115 Fundamentals of Inorganic Chemistry

52.231 Organic Chemistry I or 52.116 Chemical Principles and Measurements

50.114 Concepts in Biology I

50.115 Concepts in Biology II

51.101 Physical Geology

51.111 Physical Geology Laboratory

51.102 Historical Geology

51.112 Historical Geology Laboratory

Students are also required to complete additional credits so as to satisfy the equivalent of two academic minors, chosen from the following: