Engineering Science 3+2 (B.A.) (2003)

Administered by the Physics and Engineering Technology Department

Effective Fall, 2003

General Education Requirements - All candidates must satisfy the General Education requirements of Bloomsburg University and the specific requirements for the B.A. degree in either chemistry, physics or mathematics. Students should consult the program coordinator each semester as they plan their schedules. With careful planning, it is possible to satisfy all of the requirements indicated during the student's three-year residence at Bloomsburg University

Requirements for the Major

54.211 General Physics I

54.212 General Physics II

54.310 Modern Atomic Physics

52.115 Fundamentals of Inorganic Chemistry

52.116 Chemical Principles and Measurements

53.125 Calculus I

53.126 Calculus II

53.225 Calculus III

53.226 Calculus IV

53.322 Differential Equations

53.314 Linear Algebra

56.116 Algorithmic Processes

54.301 Mechanics: Statistics

54.302 Mechanics: Dynamics

58.180 Computer Aided Design and Engineering Graphics

For a few particular engineering degree options, additional discipline-specific courses may also be required while the student is at Bloomsburg University.