Geology (B.S.) (2003)

Administered by Geography and Geosciences

Effective Fall, 2003

General Education Requirements - In addition to 54 semester hours of general education requirements, 72 semester hours is required for a major in geology. The balance of the university's 120-hour requirement for an undergraduate degree comes from elective courses. The degree program in geology requires the following courses:

51.101 Physical Geology

51.102 Historical Geology

51.111 Physical Geology Laboratory

51.112 Historical Geology Laboratory

51.261 Mineralogy

51.262 Petrology

51.360 Introduction to Paleontology

51.265 Geomorphology

51.369 Structural Geology

51.468 Stratigraphy and Sedimentation

51.470 Groundwater Hydrology

51.493 Bibliography and Research

51.460 Aqueous Chemistry

51.480 Geophysics (highly recommended)

51.451 Field Techniques in Earth Science or equivalent 4 to 6 semester hours field course

Choose one of the following two sets of courses:

53.123 Essentials of Calculus and 53.141 Introduction to Statistics

or 53.125 Analysis I and 53.126 Analysis II

Choose two of the following three courses:

52.115 Fundamentals of Inorganic Chemistry

52.131 Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry

52.216 Chemical Principles and Measurements (highly recommended as the second course)

Choose one of the following two sets of courses:

54.111 Introductory Physics I and 54.112 Introductory Physics II

or 54.211 General Physics I and 54.212 General Physics II

Note: 51.480 Geophysics may be substituted for the second semester of physics.