Chemistry (B.S.) (2003)

Department of Chemistry, College of Science and Technology

Effective: Fall, 2003

Requirements for the Major (B.S.) - In addition to meeting general education requirements, the following courses are required:

52.115 Fundamentals of Inorganic Chemistry

52.116 Chemical Principles and Measurements

52.231 Organic Chemistry I

52.232 Organic Chemistry II

52.251 Inorganic Chemistry

52.321 Analytical Chemistry

52.322 Instrumental Analytical Chemistry

52.361 Physical Chemistry I

52.362 Physical Chemistry II

52.452 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry

53.125 Calculus I

53.126 Calculus II

53.225 Calculus III

54.211 General Physics I

54.212 General Physics II

52.281 Introduction to Scientific Literature

56.116 Algorithmic Processes for Computers

ACS Certification

Students who want American Chemical Society certification (B.S.-ACS) upon graduation must complete the following additional requirements beyond requirements for the Bachelor of Science:

52.341 Biochemistry I

52.492 Independent Study II: Introduction to Research

52.493 Independent Study III: Chemical Research

A restricted elective selected from any 300 and 400 -level course in chemistry (except Independent Study) or any approved 300 or 400-level course in mathematics or physics.