Marine Science Option (2003)

Administered by Department of Biological and Allied Health Sciences

Effective Fall, 2003

This option provides the biology major with the opportunity to specialize in marine biology while obtaining a foundation in the fundamental principles of biological science. Program specific courses in marine biology are offered at the Marine Science Center, Wallops Island, Va., a field station supported by the department.


50.114 Concepts in Biology I

50.115 Concepts in Biology II

50.211 Invertebrate Zoology or 55.221 Marine Invertebrates

50.242 Biology of Microorganisms

50.271 Cell Biology

50.332 Genetics

50.351 Ecology or 55.260 Marine Ecology

50.380 Biology Seminar

Choose one of the following physiology lecture courses:

50.472 Animal Cell Physiology

50.474 Vertebrate Systems Physiology

50.477 Plant Physiology

50.478 Microbial Physiology

Marine Biology:

55.241 Marine Biology

Electives (6 semester hours):

55.250 Wetland Ecology

55.298 Physiology of Marine Invertebrates

55.300 Behavior of Marine Organisms

55.320 Marine Microbiology

55.330 Tropical Invertebrates

55.342 Marine Botany

55.343 Marine Ichthyology

55.345 Marine Ornithology

55.394 Comparative Physiology of Marine Organisms

55.431 Ecology of Marine Plankton

55.432 Marine Evolutionary Ecology

55.441 Biology of Molluscs

55.464 Biological Oceanography

55.470 Research Diver Methods

55.490 Marine Aquaculture

55.491 Coral Reef Ecology

55.492 Marine Mammals

55.493 Behavioral Ecology