Secondary Education (B.S.Ed.) (2003)

Administered by Educational Studies and Secondary Education

Effective Fall, 2003

Requirements for the Major in Secondary Education (7-12) include general education courses, education courses, plus courses specified for various specializations. Some courses which satisfy the university's general education requirement are included in the course listings for the individual areas of specialization under secondary education. Students are required to take six credits of math and six credits of composition and literature as part of their general education requirements. Students should consult their secondary education adviser and area of specialization content adviser to plan a course of study.

Admissions, Monitoring and Advisement

Students must submit a completed application packet to the faculty advisor. The faculty advisor will review the packet, interview the student, and submit a recommendation to the department chairperson indicating that the student be admitted or not be admitted to the program. Enrollment in upper division Teacher Education coursework (300 and 400 level courses) is contingent upon admission to the Teacher Education program.

For admission to candidacy, students must:

Completion of the Student Teaching Eligibility Packet is due by April 1 for Fall Student Teaching and October 1 for Spring Student Teaching.

Students should visit Carol Barnett, Director at Career Development Center, 201 Student

Service Center. All students should have a Placement File at the Career Development Center.

Visit Pennsylvania Department of Education at: for career information.

Each semester all students should see their Education advisor and their Content advisor before scheduling

For more detailed information see Admission Policy PRP3810

Secondary Education Specialization Areas

Each area of specialization develops scholarship basic to teaching the content subject in secondary schools. Beginning with fall 2002 semester, all secondary education majors will be admitted as dual majors in secondary education and the content major.




Communication - Applied

Communication - Interpersonal Relationship Management

Communication - Leadership and Social Influence

Earth and Space Science



General Science