Social Work (B.A.) (2003)

Administered by Department of Sociology, Social Work and Criminal Justice

Effective Fall, 2003

In addition to 53 semester hours of general education requirements, a total of 46 to 54 semester hours is required for a major in social work. The balance of the university's 120-semester hour requirement for a bachelor's degree comes from free elective courses. For information about admission criteria and details on the course sequence, see Charles Laudermilch, director of the social work program. Required courses for this degree program include:

40.121 Principles of Economics

44.120 United States Government

45.133 Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare

45.211 Principles of Sociology

45.221 Social Work and Diversity

45.255 Research Methods for Social Inquiry

45.260 Basic Social Statistics

45.297 Introductory Practice in Social Work

45.334 Social Work Practice with Individuals and Families

45.450 Social Work Practice with Small Groups

45.452 Social Work Practice With Organizations and Communities

45.453 Social Work Policy and Services

45.462 Sociological Theory

45.497 Social Work Internship

45.498 Integrative Seminar in Social Work and Social Welfare

48.101 General Psychology

48.210 Life-Span Psychology

One additional three credit course in psychology.

50.101 General Biology I