Mass Communications (B.A.) (2003)

Administered by Department of Mass Communications

Effective Fall, 2003

In addition to general education requirements, a total of 36 semester hours is required for a major in Mass Communications. The balance of the university's 120-semester hour requirement for a bachelor's degree comes from elective courses. The department's curriculum ensures better preparation for today's changing communications industry. Graduates are broadly trained for careers in public relations, advertising, journalism and telecommunications. It is organized around three competency areas: theoretical knowledge, writing proficiency and professional development. Required courses include:

27.110 Mass Communications and the Popular Arts

27.230 Newswriting

27.241 Media Graphics or 27.271 Media Operations

27.310 Media Law

27.315 Social Foundations of the Mass Media

27.360 Mass Media Processes and Effects

Choose two from the following six courses:

27.334 Editing
27.336 Video Editing
27.340 Feature Writing
27.352 Publicity and Public Relations
27.366 Design in Advertising
27.371 Broadcast Journalism

27.440 Public Affairs Reporting

27.485 RTF Authorship Theory and Practice

Choose three from the following eleven courses:

27.251 PR Theory & Practice
27.261 Principles of Advertising
27.297 Mass Communications Practicum
27.367 TV Acting and Directing
27.375 Broadcast Programming and Management
27.390 Film and Video Production
27.435 Journalism Workshop
27.446 Magazine Editing and Production
27.455 Public Relations Cases and Problems
27.466 Advertising Media and Campaigns
27.480 Telecommunications Workshop

Choose one from the following three courses:

27.420 Audience Analysis

27.482 Mass Communications Seminar

27.497 Internship