Exercise Science (B.S.) (2003)

Department of Exercise Science and Athletics, College of Liberal Arts

Effective Fall, 2003

In addition to general education requirements totaling 53 semester hours, a minimum of 44 semester hours are required for a major in exercise science, with the remaining 26 semester hours required for a bachelor's degree coming from elective courses.

48.101 General Psychology

45.211 Principles of Sociology

50.173 Anatomy and Physiology I

50.174 Anatomy and Physiology II

50.205 Introduction to Nutrition

50.231 Biology of Aging

52.101 Introduction to Chemistry

05.270 Exercise and You

09.230 Human Sexuality

05.305 Aquatic Fitness Programming

05.321 First Aid Safety

05.351 Kinesiology

05.476 Exercise Physiology

05.477 Methods and Materials in Adult Physical Education

59.498 Internship in Exercise Science

Choose one of the following two courses:

05.411 Exercise Prescription and Programming for Special Populations
05.370 Measurement and Evaluation of Human Performance

Choose one of the following two courses:

93.344 Principles of Management
91.498 Introduction to Health Care Administration

Choose one of the following four courses:

48.253 Social Psychology
48.311 Adulthood and Aging
48.380 Physiological Psychology
48.476 Principles of Behavior Modification

Choose one of the following two courses:

05.430 Current Issues in Health Education
28.290 Alcohol Use and Abuse